Long Time No See

19 05 2008

Hey. It’s been a while I guess. But my computer totally crapped out on me last week. So I guess that’s my excuse. I lost 2500 songs. That’s the worst part. And since Itunes doesn’t allow you to import songs from Ipod to PC, I now have a hugely filled ipod but a severly lacking comp. Sucks. But as life goes on.

No real new news going on in my life, I recently have become really good friends with a student, about 32 which seems strange when purely looking at the numbers but she doesn’t seem that old so its seems ok to me.

My school also recieved a new manager after the previous manager only had a three month tenure. Let me try to explain this in as minimally boring way as possible. Every school has a sales goal. These sales can come from new students, current student renewals, and book sales. So, our last manager went to every last possivle student to see if there was any new money to be sucked out. While this is ultimately bad for the student, it worked as she acheived goal in all of her three months. But because of this, now our school is sort of dry on new money. SOOOO they send her to a new school where there is new money to be mad. Good for the bottom line, bad for students. But I didnt like her anyway. And the new manager is cute so I just might ask her to dinner tomorrow.. but we shall see my friends..

Japanese Culture Lesson… On the phone.. Bye, or a japanese counterpart is RARELY used. 99% of the time there is no English “bye-bye”. Usually just an “sumimasen”(excuse me) or an Onegaishimasu(please) is used. So when talking to a Japanese person on the phone this can really leave you wanted more. Like you wait for that last confirmation that the call is over… and BAM.. click. Chalk it up to a cultural difference I guess, but it really leaves you with an unfinished feeling. Call it phone blue balls.

Kanji Progress Report…I’m up to 567.. I have wrote over 3000 kanji is three weeks. A callous has formed on my finger, but I won’t lie I wear it has a badge of honor. I WILL master this fucker. So this is just part of the ride.

Kou Shibasaki checking in……..


Music of the Day..Yuna Ito – “Journey” Just a cool song.

I promise to make a post of more substance in the days to come.. I’m just loving Japan at the moment…..



My Fan…

11 03 2008

One of my students.. a 16 year old high school student has become officially my fan. After telling her I was once in a band last week, her eyes perked up and her whole demeanor towards me was changed. She was suddenly interested in where I was from, what I liked, and what I thought about things. So today she asked me to sign her books so she could show her friends lol. I have to admit though just that %1 percent look into what being a real rockstar would be like…. damn nothing would feel better. Just caring so much about everything about you just for no reason feels good lol. I know it’s fake, but it’s like a drug to me. That admiration. So I signed her book and her papers acting like I was too cool while inside I was eating it up. I had that same feeling a few times when I was in a band with people coming up to me after our shows, but its been a while. It was nice.


Japanese of the Day…can and cannot…. mo ii and wa ikemasen.. very useful and you hear it often…

Can I kiss?

watashi wa kisu o shite mo ii desu ka?

No, you can’t kiss.

Iie, kisu o shite wa ikemasen.
いいえ、キスを して は いけません

My guest source…


Jiji, the Cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service rules..


Music of the Day…Yuna Ito – ” Urban Mermaid” She just has a lot of good songs… Take
it easy!

Not much to say…

11 02 2008

Studying pretty heavily but needed a break, hence the blogging. Tomorrow is training. So…got to wake up a little earlier than usual. Sucks. Also have to give a model lesson to a group of observers ready to rip me a new one. But the night should be cool to hang out with all the people. One of the dudes I went to Tokyo is coming too so that should be a good time.

Today I got my hair cut for the first time here in Japan. My Japanese teacher came with me to help translate what I wanted…but wow is it short. This is the shortest I’ve ever had it in my life. I don’t want to have long long hair, but I always liked a little bit of length to hang on the the long hair I once had in high school. Well that is gone lol. I got the traditional Japanese business look. Sucks. I know a picture would be beneficial here, but I still need to buy new batteries for my camera so just imagine a dude with normal looking short hair.

Japanese of the Day….Tough Point for me… Potential Form….

I can’t remember her number.

Kanojo no bangoo o oboeraremasen.



mika smoking<—-Mika’s Not Impressed…

Music of the Day.. Yuna Ito again……..”I’m Here” She throws in English words at random times.. but this song is just good. Her Fruit hat in the video is weird though…..

Yuna wishes you sweet dreams”Yui yume o……………..”

My Japanese Age Rule

5 02 2008

Over 20, Subtract 4 years. Under 20 Add 2 years. While it’s not fool-proof, it will get you close. It’s that simple. When you meet someone for the first time, and your mind is still wrestling with compartmentalizing their good and bad points, age will enter the picture at some point. When that happens and you, subtract 4 years or add 2 years, depending on what your original guess was. Take it to the bank. This will stop you from being as shocked as I am on a weekly basis. High school seniors seriously look 15-16, and 3o year olds always look like thier in their early 20’s. If someone looks over 40, call the morgue.

New Manager today. She one of those bubbily Japanese people, which is cool. Always in a good mood. Plus she lives in my building, so that’s a person to go to Fukuoka with for any company parties. Not particularly hot though, but ultimately thats better for the workplace isnt it lol.
She looks about 28..so using my own formula, she is 24. I will find out tommorrow. She is very relaxed in her rules which is good. She seems very accepting of whatever I want to do, as long as I get the job done, which is all you can ask of from any boss.

Japanese of the Day….3 different verbs for (break)(and another im not sure how to use)

oru, kowareru, and waru. 

折る(おる)means pushed past the limit – Leg would be a better example but this is funnier;(Watashi wa)kao o otta. I broke my face. かおをおった.

割る (わる) means shatter into pieces. A Glass is the best example. – (Watashi wa)kuppu o watta. I broke the glass. コップをわった。

壊れる(kowareru) means break like a computer. So computer will work. – (Watashi wa)Konpyuta wo kowaretta. I broke the computer. コップをこわれた。                                    

Mr. Miyagi  <——“That took WAY to long…Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.”   More wise words sensei……(先生)

Ok that really did take forever.. So music time…

Music of the Day….Yuna Ito + Celine Dion ” A World To Beleive In”… it’s ok… but big song in Japan these days so I should include it I guess…..Goodnight!

EDIT: Sorry it was toooo gay…Heres link if you REALLY want to hear it and like Brokeback Mountain….click. But I had to change it lol

Take Two….HIGH and MIGHTY Color “Okizarisu” Cool song. Nice scenery as well. Or Eye Candy. You decide!

Party, then temporary homelessness

4 02 2008

The party turned out to be cool, but the real story occured afterwards.

Well first we met up at this restaurant and enjoyed nomidai. Talked to some cool people. After around two hours, we went to the next bar. This was much more fun. Seeing coworker with her guy was good since now I know……… But anyways all the foreigners were congregating in one side of the bar, and I had already talked to everyone so I said fuck this I’m talking to some Japanese. So I went to the other side of the bar and found the best looking non-company Japanese person I could find. I saw a table of two girls one dude, and started up a conversation. They all turned out to be really cool people. We played Jenga, which has to be the best bar game ever, for a long time. Eventually the foreigners all saw me having fun and quickly herded around. It was fine though since I had to catch the last train anyways. I got the girl’s email, but of course she doesn’t even live on the same island as me. 

Coworker walked me out of the bar, to be nice I guess, and I went to the station. When I arrived, I realized the last train only took me half way to home. Oops. I still rode it and got off when I had to. But I had no plan from there. I didn’t have enough money on me for a taxi, so I was basically fucked. I walked around for about an hour, then found a bench to wait it out. I texted coworker my predicament to just kill time. At this point I had accepted that I had to wait untill 5 for the first train, but she said I might be able to pay with a credit card so I stopped the next taxi and attempted to ask. He quickly said no and drove off. Fuck. About 45 minutes later, next taxi stopped. He wouldnt accept credit cards either. So I attempted to explain I have money at home. He said Yes! Sweet.

The taxi driver was awesome. He asked me about sex with American girls, He told me sex with Japanese is good, becuase they are small(chiisai) and American girls are big(okii) lol. Since I couldnt understand everything, he had to use hand signals for some which was also classic lol. I asked about maguro since I heard a little about it before. He said Dame!(bad) and pretended to just lay there lol. Based on his acting, a maguro (tuna) is a girl that just lays there during sex.  It was a classic ride home.

Japanese of the Day – “Maguro” is tuna, but ALSO a girl that just lays there during sex!

 <—“That is bullshit….you suck.”

Music of the Day – Yuna Ito(伊藤 由奈) – Precious – Cool Song, Awesome Video

More Observations…

23 01 2008

Japanese stock market took a big hit today, as did most of the rest of the world. For those inquiring minds, here’s the link. But apparently is all stems from uncertainty in the US economy. So I asked one of salaryman’s thoughts on the subject. He admittedly didn’t know much about it, but said it was because of something in the U.S.. We later got to talkng about WWII somehow, or (The Pacific War in Japan) and about the bombs. Personally, my feelings on the bombs are mixed. The bombs did stop the war, but soo many innocent people died. But the war was stopped so I guess that was the point. My student who wasn’t born yet at the time said the first bomb made sense, but the second one doesn’t. Thats a fair point in my view. He also admitted that history text books get changed all the time in Japan, even though there is only one truth. I asked why this is, and he didn’t have a good answer.(his english is limited) He then turned the tables and asked about what America is doing in Iraq. I said I’m not really sure, but the goal is to set up democracy in Iraq. He said it takes soo long lol. I realized when I asked him I took his opinion to be all of Japan’s feelings in a sense, which is stupid. But when he asked me his question I realized I can’t just make some bullshit up since he probably is thinking the same thing. I was speaking for all of America, because I’m all the America he knows. Call me a Diplomat. haha.

Japanese of the Day. Three Buts! ga, demo,  kedo.  <–(learn something new everyday file: While creating this masterpiece of a blog I learned kedo is just the shortened from of keredomo. But all I hear in Japan is kedo, so forget I mentioned that.)

Three different uses, only two of which I fully understand. But of course I will give an example of each.

Mika took a test. But, she failed. -Mika wa testo o ukeshita. Demo,  kanojo wa ochimashita. ミカはてすとをうけした。でもかのじょはおちました。Demo is used in situations when But starts a sentence in English.

Her face is pretty but it’s too skinny.- Kanojo no kao wa kirei desu kedo, yaseta-sugiru desu.  かのじょのかおはきれいですけど、やせたすぎらです. Kedo is used to combine to sentences together that would use but.

Tommorrow Rachel will go but I wont. Ashita Racheu wa ikimasu ga, watashi wa ikimasen. あしたラチェゥはいきますがわたしはいきません。Yeah, I never get a straight answer when I ask about the difference between ga and kedo. It seems though in my meager studies that kedo comes after desu more and “Ga” comes after nouns or verbs more. But your source is a joke.

MeatRL <—-your source AKA me.

Music of the Day… Yuna Ito – ” Truth” Solid J-pop Ballad. This is from nana2. Not as good as the first, but still good. Scenery is Sweet in the video. I attempted to translate the chorus. But the experiment failed miserably..Enjoy none the less lol.


4 01 2008

Well I’m home. What a week. Saw the Emperor, had New Years in Shibuya, Karaoke in random places with various japanese, Random Clubs with random japanese, awesome food, some time in a Japanese Hospital(for a friend), and sooo much more. I know this is the longest I have gone without a post, but I will update a few times today with random episodes of the trip. It’s good to be back so I can relax, but that was one of the best vacation I have ever been on. Here’s a pic to wet your appetite <–that sounds dirty.

Emperor is Coming

The Emperor was coming….

This highlight for me was singing my favorite Japanese song, in Japanese, while reading the lyrics that were in Japanese, with a group of Japanese we met just 30 minutes before. It was magical stuff.

I’ve posted it before, but heres the song of note. More stuff coming later. Yuna Ito – ” Endless Story”