Training’s Over

13 02 2008

I should of wrote this post yesterday…but I was too tired. But anyways training is now over. Met some cool people. Unfortunately most of us live four hours away so this will most likely be our last meeting, but it was a good one. One girl was really attractive, but of course she lives more than 4 hours away by bus haha. Someone being in a situation where you have 10% of the friends you had back home or makes bonding with people happen so fucking easy. Most people were really cool. Learned some stuff too which is the point I guess.

We went over some grammar points, and I really found myself not caring. Like in my head I know enough English you know? I know that a bad way to think because the students pay good money for me to know English, but for me it was difficult to care. When you study another language 3 hours a day its difficult to study your native language you think you know as well. Bad philosophy I know.

Yesterday night was one of those rare times I’m not worry about learning Japanese and can just enjoy being in Japan. I wish I could do that more but my fucking mind will not allow it. I really need a psychiatrist of something. It always takes a few drinks and fun people around..but then finally and can not worry about not knowing the language and enjoy just being here. I know that might sound stupid becuase it’s all in my own head, but thats just the way it is with me. I’m so fucked up like I try to start an English movie I brought but I can’t finish it becuase I’m not studying or learning by watching an English movie. I have a hard time listening to English music becuase I my head tells me I should be listening to Japanese music. I have to FORCE myself to listen to hockey games and howard stern even though without them I think I would go crazy. It’s really fucked up. I wish I could change it. Sort of.

Japanese of the Day…. I fucked up…. Two VERY common phrases in Japan are….”Let’s Eat” and “I’ll be back”..

Let’s Eat – “itadakimasu” –  いただきます

Seeya – “itte kimasu” – いって きます。

Don’t say the wrong one and the wrong time like me..

Your thoughts guest Japanese advisor?

<—“dumb ass….”

Music of the Day…Nightwish “Ever Dream” Keep dreaming people!


Not much to say…

11 02 2008

Studying pretty heavily but needed a break, hence the blogging. Tomorrow is training. So…got to wake up a little earlier than usual. Sucks. Also have to give a model lesson to a group of observers ready to rip me a new one. But the night should be cool to hang out with all the people. One of the dudes I went to Tokyo is coming too so that should be a good time.

Today I got my hair cut for the first time here in Japan. My Japanese teacher came with me to help translate what I wanted…but wow is it short. This is the shortest I’ve ever had it in my life. I don’t want to have long long hair, but I always liked a little bit of length to hang on the the long hair I once had in high school. Well that is gone lol. I got the traditional Japanese business look. Sucks. I know a picture would be beneficial here, but I still need to buy new batteries for my camera so just imagine a dude with normal looking short hair.

Japanese of the Day….Tough Point for me… Potential Form….

I can’t remember her number.

Kanojo no bangoo o oboeraremasen.



mika smoking<—-Mika’s Not Impressed…

Music of the Day.. Yuna Ito again……..”I’m Here” She throws in English words at random times.. but this song is just good. Her Fruit hat in the video is weird though…..

Yuna wishes you sweet dreams”Yui yume o……………..”

Last North American Post

23 11 2007

Well this is it. After a long night of drinking with some future coworkers, tommorrow I will wake up and be on my way. To  a begininng, an end, an absolution. To a whole life I have never known but will soon be (hopefully) comfortable with. To being totally on my own for the first time in my entire life. To be reduced to infancy in a language. To the future.

Who knows what will happen, but its these moments of uncertainty that can bring people together. Like the other people in my training group. We all have became very good friends more from tonite than any other night. It’s sort of like we have no other choice but to use eachother as support, but they are all very cool. Two of the people I totally look forward to seeing in the future. The others not so much, but it will still be good to see a familiar face as a stranger in a strange land.

I have so many thoughts in my head at this point I don’t think my brain can process it all, so it chooses to feel nothing. I feel very blah. It could sort of be my own little defense mechanism of being scared but who knows. Soon there won’t be any time to be scared. It will be time to be a human being living on the other side of the planet that has to take care of themself. So the sooner I get ready for that the better.

Tonite was awesome. Four people trying to have a fun night before embarking on a crazy, scary, unfamiliar adventure. Tommorrow there will be no group support. It will be time to accept the choices we have made. It is time to have fun! It is time to be alone. It is a time to learn about yourself! I can’t wait to see exactly what happens to me as a person on this year long trip. We will soon see.

Take me out Optimus.

(Next Day edit) Drunk posts come out pretty good. I won’t change any misspellings to keep the spontaniety of this post lol

Father Time is on my side

21 11 2007

Got my schedule today…. not crazy about the 1-10 tues through friday… but at least I don’t have to wake up until like 11. Lots of time for sleeping.  And lying around which is nice.

                                                      Homer Lying

                                                                Me at 10:59.

Third day thoughts of Vancouver; 1. Alcohol is expensive 2. Cool views especially Victoria Island 3. A lot of XXX stores on the main road. 4. Wierd taxes ex. recycling tax (.01) liquor tax. 5. Seems like a very younger aged city than most I’m used to.

So today we had to teach an actual lesson with an actual Japanese person. I was pretty nervous about getting everything correct and then she walked in.

                                          Cat Damn

So that was a pleasent surprise. I just had to make sure I stayed proffessional, which I did. How come when someone foriegn says something a little wrong its SO damn cute?? But I did pretty good. It was difficult when she was not sure of an English word, for me not to try to explain that word by using many many more English words. So while her little cute, smiling, genki(happy), mind was thinking of what I wanted her to say, I would bombard her with other words she wasn’t sure of. So I have to try not to do that tommorrow. But it won’t be with her so maybe tommorrow I won’t be so stunned.

The beat rolls on tommorrow. More training. Another lesson.  2 more full days in North America. It’s been a long road to get to Japan that is about to be over. Which will then lead to the beginning of another road. So basically there will be a lot of roads. But I’m ready. In fact, I’m ready to rock.   

                                              Pope Rock

                                                        Yes pope, I am.

The haze is lifting….

20 11 2007

Training done for the day. Just finished eating my 22 pieces of sushi for 5$. I’m buying Japanese food when I’m about to be in Japan for the next year. hehehe I’m smart . But it was good. Time to get to work though after this post.

Second day thoughts on Vancouver: 1. Definitly bigger than I first thought 2. Lots of cool fountains 3. Lots of Asians. 4. No refills in Canada suck! That should come with the customs packet they give you in the airport. Never get 4 cokes in at a restaurant in Canada or you’ll be like this. 

So I now know my school name and that I’ll be picked up at the airport by Tom. I also know my address. Which obivously means nothing before I see the place and the area. That’s basically all I know. Tommorrow will reveal my actual schedule. Hope its easy. I did learn today though that if you work on Saturday you don’t start untill 1pm, which leaves PLENTY of party time for Friday night! haha. Sweet.

Alright I have to finish my lesson plan props. Here’s a boring sample.

A1 : Which do you prefer, ____ or _____?

Yep that’s it. You don’t realize how hard that is to teach untill you have to fill up 30 minutes with it.
I’ll leave you with the excellent singing of Mika Nakashima in the awesome movie NANA. Watch it and Enjoy.

Phase 1 Completed.

19 11 2007

After 0 hours of sleep, 9 hours of flight time, sweating more than a whore in church, I made it into the land of Vancouver. Initial thoughts are; wow downtown looks awesome, everything else seems average. It’s got like a small city feel that I like. Well see how my feelings differ after a week here.

First off got to say I had one of the best send offs a person could ask for. 10 or so of my closest friends coming out to have a fun time for one last time. At least for the next 12 months. I’ll try to some it up. Wii + alcohol + emotional goodbyes = Solid Party.  

                                 Kids Party

                                  Who made the penis balloon shape for the kid?

Got to be honest the plane ride was one hell of a ride in terms of emotions. Since I got NO sleep the night before, sadness came in waves only as my tired mind would allow it. Having my dad and some good friends send me off at the airport was nice though. Didn’t help I had to carry 100 pounds of luggage while running to my terminal while sweating buckets. While actually on the plane though I would go through streches of Is this worth it? How can I do this? I guess I will find that out soon enough.

I have some work to do for the start of training tommorrow so I better start on that. It’s time to get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. You are so right Brooks. 

                                                   Shawshank Brooks