Skating + Deep Thoughts

20 04 2008

I actually wrote that title without having any deep thoughts in mind, so let’s hope they emerge as I type.

Well today I went skating for the first time since I left America and damn did it feel good. Something about feeling the wind in your face and the scrape of the ice under you makes your blood flow a little easier. While it was nice to skate, it did make me miss hockey even more. Just seeing the goal crease made me want to play sooo bad. But, since apparently they do play hockey here in town, I got some information and will get my Japanese teacher to call and find information for me. Besides my friends and normal portioned food, playing hockey is definitly at the top of my list of things I miss. Playing that will be good for my soul, meeting people, and speaking Japanese. Hopefully it happens.

Last night I went to a yakitori restaurant with a lady friend. Expensive but it was good. I always tell her to choose anything she likes (mostly because I can’t read the kanji menus, but let’s continue) For those that don’t know yakitori is basically shish kabob. But anyways she ordered some and one was just a straight up whole fish on a stick. She then informed me (Tamago wa sakana no naka iru!) Eggs are inside! Sure enough, one bite out of the fishes stomach reveiled hundreds of eggs. They did taste good, but I couldn’t help be feel a little for this porr pregnant fish. I love my meat and beleive it is natural for humans to eat meat, but letting a fish get pregnant and THEN killing it for food is a little strange for me. But I did eat 2 or 3 of them so apparently I don’t care THAT much.

(picture from my phone, a first ever for this site!)

I guess it’s deep thought time… I guess the main thought that pops in my head is… I’m very thankful that I have a much more lively life now than I did for the first two months I was here. I’ve been here for months now(wow seems like so much more) and these last two months I have never had a weekend where I didn’t go out with some people. It’s amazing how my mind can never be satisfied. For example, this weekend I will be going out with three different girls in three nights. Two months ago I would of PAID for that. But now I go out, see all these insanely hot girls, and think why not me? My mind takes solice in the fact that hot girls usually don’t want to speak English, and at my current Japanese level I need the girls to have SOME English. But that’s just an excuse for me to make me feel better. It’s time for me to try to attempt to get what I want. No one can change your life except for you! Now it’s my turn. Thanks for the words of wisdom Winston Phillips.

Right is hot.


Japanese of the Day…Looks like or seems like… you hear this often enough to need to know it.

Most common usage is for rain but it can be used for any adjective or verb. examples;

It looks like rain.
Ame ga furisou desu. ←-Use “masu form” without masu. ex. furimasusou desu.

That girl looks expensive.
Kono onna no ko ga takasou desu ne!
この 女の子 が 高そう です ね!

Guest Source: Jero

jero enka singer

A black dude that sings traditional Japanese ballads. He is good. And he has a hungry market. Young people like him because he’s cute and wears hip hop clothes. Older people love him because he is giving young people a reason to listento traditional Japanese songs.. Win win.


Music of the Day… with clips from Miyazaki’s best movie, Spirited Away – Snow Patrol with ” CHasing Cars. Sort of a gay song, but it goes so well with this amazing movie. Keep it real people.



Party + Guest

18 03 2008

The party was pretty sweet. It was a easter based party, so there was a few interesting jesus based costumes like a jesus, a nun(played by a guy) and a girls with rabbit ears, which I think I have a fetish for haha. It was about half foreigners half japanese which I think is a good mix. I always end up talking to the Japanese people, and to be honest, sometimes I feel like the foreigners treat me different;y because of this. It’s fine and I’m not going to stop, but I got a few comments that made me think. But anyways it was fun and I drank a lot. I also got the “here put your email in my phone” once, and somehow my phone has 2 new people in it which is good news I guess. I think some Japanese like just having foreigners in there phone, but I do the same thing so its ok lol…

This warm weather is really causing me to fall in love every three seconds. The scenery has gotten A LOT better, not that it was ever bad in the first place but DAMN.

So last night student date girl said she wanted to bring over food out of the blue, so of course I said yes. We ended up chilling for a while, watching a movie, I showcased classic Youtube videos for a long time. Still didn’t hook up. Yeah I know. I’m a joke. But it is fun to just hang out sometimes you know! But yeah I know. We’re going to Yanagawa Thursday which has some sort of canal thing, which should be cool…


Japanese of the Day……Just some random words…

YAPPARI – やっぱりー(as one expected,after all)<—very common
KEKKOU - けっこうー(quite, very well)
TSUITSUI - ついついー(unintentionally, unconsciously),
NAKANAKA - なかなかー(not easily)

Yeah no sentences I have to go to work….Guest source Chihiro from the best Miyazaki movie “Spirited Away”



Music of the Day…….Blind Guardian – ” Noldor” Epic German Band… kind of nerd metal but they have some good songs… for example….Rock out.