Plugging Away

11 05 2008

What’s up? Week back after vacation is always tough, and this week was no exception. But I used to today totally recharge the batteries and restore my usual positive outlook. So I’m feeling good now.

On the studying front, I’m up to 500 kanji in 2 weeks. I guess I didn’t think it would be so hard, but I was warned so I guess I should of been prepared. 1542 left. I have been totally negleting grammer, but I still have improved from seeing the kanji n sentences and things. But damn its like running uphill on in a fucking river. One day I was busy and I counted to any reps, and it totally fucked up my head. You can never stop. And I won’t.  I totally think the best part about being in Japan and learning Japanese is that if I EVER feel burnt out, I take my bike and go for a ride. Just looking around, enjoying the city or the countryside just makes me want to be able to read everything so much. I always come home determined to study and learn. Instant motivation by opening my door.

My birthday was last week and I got so much cool shit from students. I’m really lucky. I feel really appreciated. I realize they would give shit to whatever teacher they had, but I mean the presents were really tailored to things I liked and thought was definitly put into them. So it’s nice. Also got some food from my parents so I’ll definitly be gaining weight in the next few weeks enjoying ho-ho’s and beef jerky in excess.

Someone recently asked me what kind of girls do I like. I had to stop and think long and hard. Of course since girls were around I said look don’t matter, personality(jinkaku-人格) is most important. But we all know thats a lie…But afterwards I stopped and thought about it and I tried to break down what I think is important for your reading pleasure.


1. Independence + Dependence
Sounds strange, but hear me out. I want someone totally independant, but is also totally dependent on me, for that independence. So without me she wouldn’t be so independent.
2. Laid Back
Nothing is worse than a worryer. It stops me from being my chilled out self. This was almost number one. For real friends this is #1.
3. Not uptight
Being able to let loose and have fun is also very important. That doesn’t have to mean drinking everynight, but I mean being able to totally act stupid occasionally. I think that is good for the soul. I try to act stupid once a day, even if its alone.

1. Hair
Always been number one. Some care has to be shown here. I really don’t like short hair, but I can warm to shorter hair if it looks cool on that person. I guess the main thing is showing care. Ponytail everyday gets old quick..
2. Face
I like a pretty face, but would DEFINITLY rather take someone with a uniqueness to them than a model anyday. Cool mole, cool smile shape, even a SLIGHTY lazy eye can be sexy on a person if it makes them unique.
3. Boobs
Explanation needed? No. Am I in the worst country? Yes

I really am not that picky, but nothing makes a person sound more selective than a six part list. But there you go.


Japanese of the Day…since I said I forgot….wasureru – to forget

忘れる - わすれる

I forgot her number.

Kanojo no bangoo o wasureta.

かのじょ の でんわ ばんごお を わすれた


Music of the Day..even though they are gone, Mika Nakashima  can sing about anything and I will listen… ” sakura”

not crazy about the old lady hair… but the ballet suit is nice, plus bangs are generally always sexy… GOODNIGHT!



Vacation Blog

2 05 2008

Hey.. I guess I’ve taken this Golden Week as a chance to have a vacation from everything.. except learning Japanese, so don’t expect much here. My friend just came over and we took some shots while watching Titanic, so as per usual don’t expect any spell check during this post.

These days all I have been doing is studying kanji. That’s it. I’m up to 350 in 3 days. Yes that is very fast, but the goal seems so fucking far away. Kanji also helps speaking 0%, so it makes you think this is the right thing to be doing, but if I want to be a beast of Japanese this is a river I have to cross at sometime so might as well be now. 350 down, 1650 left. God damn it.

umm yeah girls wear hot clothes in japan these days..

random people think it’s cool to yeah out hello! to you… please think of a clever response.. my favorites I use are; konnichiwa! Wakarimasen(I don’t understand) and Nihon-jin desu!(I’m Japanese)

Thats it.

Random pictures I took time.



Music of the Day…Mika Nakashima – “Find the Way” is there a face more beautiful on this earth?


New Motivation

25 04 2008

Maybe the last thing I need on earth is more motivation, but I found this really cool website about learning Japanese today. It’s called All Japanese All the Time. It gave me a quick punch to the balls about my study habits. While most people already say I’m crazy with my study habits, this guy is crazier. But, it makes me want to be crazier as well. To summarize his methods, it means immerse yourself to the millionth degree. No more English movies(I haven’t watched one since I”ve been here) no more English music(not sure I can do this one) no more English outside of work. while I won’t be able to follow this ALL the time. I definitly will try my best more than I have been before… CRAP I shouldn’t be writing this blog then…. but I will press on.

This sentence in particular punched me in the pussy…

2. Getting By
“You can get by in Japan without Japanese. Emphasis on the “get by”, as in “survive”, not “succeed” or “thrive”. You can make it. It’ll suck — you won’t know what most signs mean, you won’t be able to negotiate or search for cheaper housing, you won’t be able to search the Internet for the best deals on electronics, you won’t be able to have meaningful conversations with people. But you’ll muddle through. You can take trains, go shopping, point at pictures in restaurants, and learn basic survival phrases. And anything you really can’t do (like go to government offices), your bilingual Japanese girlfriend can help you with. ”

I know to some people there is nothing wrong with that, hell before I came I planned on getting by as well. But now I know I can’t leave happily untill I’m not just getting by. Typical for me to accomplish one dream only to unearth another…God damn it.

Speaking of annoying bitches..I have one friend who is sooo cool to go out with. Once a week we go eat, just talking having fun. But this other girl who is also fun has turned into drama city. Nothing sucks the spontaneous fun out of hanging out like drama. And before it is someone says that there is drama because you hooked up….yeah your probably right.

Japanese of the Day 

“私は中島美嘉 です。”yeah thats sucks I know..gomen ne.

let’s get straight to the music.

Only one thing seemed approproate today haha

Music of the Day… Survivor – ” Burning Heart” better than Eye of the Tiger definitly


Diagnose me please..Epic Post

20 03 2008

Ok so for the past two days, I have attempted to write down everything that I do, that I shouldn’t and wish I could change. Any weird quirk I recorded, for no other reason than to maybe stop doing them or for my own humour. To make this post less crying, I will put some pictures of good looking people inside haha.

Random Shit

-I always like my bike up in the exact same place, in the exact same manner, even though it takes much longer just because that is the first way I locked it. When my spot is taken I just feel off for a while.

-(Same as above for train)

-Before leaving my apartment, everyday I walk down the first set of stairs then am forced to return to check on something, if I locked the door, if I have keys, etc.

-I never change the speed on my bike while actually on my bike. If I start the trip on let’s say speed 6, I keep it at that speed untill the trip is over. I guess to punish myself for leaving it on that speed. Or something retarded like that.

Image hosted by

Studying Related……..

-It’s difficult to sleep with my tv on, becuase whenever I hear a Japanese word I sort of think I should now, I have no choice but to eventually look it up. I have tried to fight it, but the word just sticks in my mind untill I have no choice. Good for remembering but bad for sleeping.

-If I get a text message in Japanese, I can’t sleep untill I translate it.

-If my teacher assigns me homework, I can’t sleep untill I finish it the day she gives it to me

I could go on, but I think that’s enough. Reading the list I laugh and say yeah I could stop doing that, but I won’t sort of like an alcoholic says well “I could stop drinking beer if I wanted to”. Basically I don’t know what any of that means, but maybe I’ll check back in a month and see If I stopped doing any of that. I guess we all have little quirky things we do.


Since this I have been in a self analysis mood recently, a big issue with me is satisfaction. Since as long as I can remember, I have never been satisfied. The closest I can remember is senior year in high school, knowing I was living in the easiest time in all of my life. But even then, knowing that the clock was ticking hindered enjoyment. I am an incredibly goal driven person. So I work hard and acheive goals that I do set. Problem here is, once I do acheive, I never enjoy the actually acheivement. That goes with women as well. I have in the past spent months chasing after a girl, only for my feelings to wane DAYS after wooing her.

I realize all these things is very human. It is evolutionarily beneficial to never be satisfied. I think in some ways my life is better because I am like this. I have done many things just because of my first thought, “I wonder if I could do that”. After thinking that, my life becomes dedicated to that goal untill it has been accomplished. So I have accomplished many things. My current goal, Japanese, is a difficult one but I have never studied harder for anything in my entire life. I know in enough time I will accomplish it.

But my fear is, will anything ever be good enough for me for any length of time? I left a country because I had a goal of going to a new one to see what it was like. I can’t jump from country to country every 5 years or so for the rest of my life. I can’t NEVER have a girlfriend again in my life.

Saying that, I find joy in many many small things that most people would not. Seeing a koi in a river while on the train, seeing an old person praying at a mini-shrine, seeing a teenage couple, millions of other examples.  Any huge problem that comes my way I can ignore with a good song, playing guitar or watching a hockey game. I can shut off my mind when I choose. I am a very relaxed person. I never truly worry, except about my future.

I cry sometimes. If a song hits me and connects with a memory of the past, I cry. Not often, but I definitily am not a guy that says I’m to manly to cry. I would say once a month I cry thinking about my past, how awesome it was then and how it’s not coming back. But it feels good. Sometimes pain feels good. Without pain there would be no pleasure.

Next issue: I have an insane problem with being liked. I need to be liked by everyone EXCEPT for the ones I don’t like. In that case, I will do anything so that DON’T like me. I worry to much about how I am seen. I like to be in the spotlight and loved. I have dreams all the time about recieving a standing ovations. The best singular moments in my life involve an audience giving me admiration.

#3 – Playoff Hockey Game – I made a huge save on a breakaway with a minute left in the game. Crowd erupted and my head almost exploded because I was so pleased with myself.

#2 – My band playing at Nations in Washington, DC. – Our band was playing in a big local band concert. We went over big.

#1 – My band playing at a coffee house the summer of our graduation – My whole high school class came to see us play. There wasn’t enough room in the store for all the people. It was a perfect night.

Seems normal enough but how other people think of me shouldn’t matter so much.

That’s enough self study for one day. I have problems like everyone else in this world. Japan so far has kept me fairly satisfied, but that also might be because I know I will enjoy it more when I can speak Japanese….

Follow your dreams people!


Japanese of the Day………Suru…. Makes any noun into a verb..easy enough right?Medical Terms…

やけど(yakedo) – burn
やけどする(yakedosuru) – get burned

検査 – けんさ(kensa) – examination
検査する – けんさする(kensasuru) – examine

怪我 – けが(kega) – injury
怪我をする – けがをする(kega o suru) – injure

骨折 – こっせつ(kossetsu) – break
骨折する – こっせつする(kossetsu suru) – to break

Today’s HOT guest source…………………..


Porco Rosso! Cool Miyazaki Movie. Not his best, but still good.


Music of the Day… PERFECT SONG… Kusumi Koharu – “Happy”.. Japanese happiness(genki) to the MAX! Get Happy People!

Since I’ve put so many pictures, I can’t leave out my favorite….

nana mika

Waiting for tonight…

9 03 2008

Party tonite…. so I’m trying to squeeze as much activity as I can out of it so I invited one of my students out to eat and will take her to the party afterwards. We will see how it goes… her english is really good so this one we might actually call a pure date and not a learning experience. She’s cuter than other date girl so we will see people. The party is being run by foreigners so I have a feeling it will be my job to get her as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible.  We will see how it turns out. Full recap tomorrow.

Short post but I don’t forget the Japanese of the Day

Text message I just got has a lot of useful grammer…

わたしは いま から ハワイに いってきます。 かえってきたら また!
私は 今から、 ハワイに 行ってきます。帰ってきたら また!。                                                                    Watashi wa ima kara hawai ittekimasu. kaerimasu mata!

Literally translation…

I now from hawaii leaving! return later!

Actual (or as close to actual as my translations ever are)…

I am leaving for Hawaii now. I will return later!

Simple Sentence but a lot of grammer points that a real teacher would now point out. But I’m in a hurry.

mika smoking<–“your a joke”

Music of the Day….X-Japan – ” Endless Rain” You talk the most insane hair you have ever seen… you talk old X-Japan. Seriously just watch this to see the hair. It must take hours to get it ready. Check it out. Wish me luck tonight.

Mission Impossible

20 01 2008

Since it was pouring down rain today and I had nothing better to do, I decided to attempt some reconnaissance work on my bike. As I explained before I beleive I activiated a lock that came with my bike, that I do not have the key for. So some of my students advised me that the lock is easy to cut through. So I walked, with the sharpest of the two knives I have in my apartment in tow to my bike. No success. My knife just sucks I think. I did unscrew it from my bike, but I will need a better saw to take care of this problem. The saga continues…..mission impossible… far. Bonus story: To add insult to this tough week, my umbrella exploded on my face from the wind on my walk home.   Yep. When it rains….

I always read back my posts to see how I was feeling the day or week before. I try as hard as I can to just shoot from the hip with my feelings without thinking with this blog so it’s as natural as possible. For me and anyone that just so happens to read it. But after reviewing, I do appear to be really affected by coworker. I think it’s a case of my body telling my mind… “you have no other fucking options bitch this is the one you want!” To change this problem, I need to get more options. On tuesday I’m hanging out with another one of my Japanese teachers students(dude) to attempt to expand my social circle. I will give a full report on the results. While I didn’t think living in Japan would be this enjoyable on the whole, I did also think two months in I would be more socially adapted. I think its 100% my fault, since I sort of expected it would just happen naturally. I blame myself. But in the future getting what I want from Japan seems like it will require more work from me, which is fine. No task is to difficult.

<– you don’t have the balls son

Japanese of the Day:

Well last week I started hitting the Kanji pretty hard. Kanji is the part of the Japanese writing system that is the pictures that equal complete words. Japanese is a language, and Kanji is sort of another language in itself. Some of the pictures have interesting stories behind them, but let’s get serious being interesting doesn’t make them any easier to learn. My goal is about 20 a week. I might be able to do more, but speaking is my number 1 priority so that will be where most of my focus is. The advantage people have living in Japan while trying to learn the language is amazing. After 4 days of studying, I can already notice kanji, or parts of kanji I recognize and that further burns it in the mind \. Walking down the street is like going to class, as long as your eyes are open to look and want to learn.

Anyways onto today’s lesson. In Japanese there is no such thing as puncuation. For example…(たとえば)…

While eating an apple, I sing.


You have to find where the spaces are!! In actual Japanese writing there, would be a kanji for the verb stems tabe (ru) and uta (u), Eat and Sing which are highlighted. Crazy.

Music of the Day time…Mika Nakashima(中島nakashima in Kanji)(inside(naka)中 island(shima)島 so ….nakashima=inside island) – “Sakuraio Maukoro”  Stunning.

Nothing Interesting Here

7 01 2008

Seriously. I have really nothing to say but in my quest for a post a day, I must press on. Today in my Japanese lesson while walking around, my teacher said what do you think about Japanese girls. I said they are very pretty. She goes” thats it???” What am I supposed to say, “Yeah I want to bang the hell out of them.” I guess she gets a lot of that since all of her students are American guys. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love banging but come on lol.

Since we’re on a creepy subject already, let’s make it official with a top 3 cutest japanese girls countdown!

3. Nami Tamaki! It’s even creepier to give specific reasons, so just use your imagination.

nami tamaki

#2 Kristen Kreuk – Is she Japanese? No! But it’s my list.


#1 Mika Nakashima – Yeah I mention her a lot. But seriously. Eyes alone=Game Over.

nana mika

mika smoking

This concludes the creepy post. I really had nothing to say though. Tomorrow we will return to the regular bitching and moaning about, in no particular order; coworkers, learning Japanese, and other random complaints. I must sound like I’m having a horrible time here, but beleive me I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! My job consists of getting paid pretty well for teaching people for a few hours a day, while learning Japanese on the job during my down time. I really have a good gig here. Apartment, Job, Town.. I’m thankful for it all.

Goodnight! Oyasuminasai!

Music of the Day – Weird Hair but cool feeling song  Koda Kumi – “Anytime”