Long Time No See

19 05 2008

Hey. It’s been a while I guess. But my computer totally crapped out on me last week. So I guess that’s my excuse. I lost 2500 songs. That’s the worst part. And since Itunes doesn’t allow you to import songs from Ipod to PC, I now have a hugely filled ipod but a severly lacking comp. Sucks. But as life goes on.

No real new news going on in my life, I recently have become really good friends with a student, about 32 which seems strange when purely looking at the numbers but she doesn’t seem that old so its seems ok to me.

My school also recieved a new manager after the previous manager only had a three month tenure. Let me try to explain this in as minimally boring way as possible. Every school has a sales goal. These sales can come from new students, current student renewals, and book sales. So, our last manager went to every last possivle student to see if there was any new money to be sucked out. While this is ultimately bad for the student, it worked as she acheived goal in all of her three months. But because of this, now our school is sort of dry on new money. SOOOO they send her to a new school where there is new money to be mad. Good for the bottom line, bad for students. But I didnt like her anyway. And the new manager is cute so I just might ask her to dinner tomorrow.. but we shall see my friends..

Japanese Culture Lesson… On the phone.. Bye, or a japanese counterpart is RARELY used. 99% of the time there is no English “bye-bye”. Usually just an “sumimasen”(excuse me) or an Onegaishimasu(please) is used. So when talking to a Japanese person on the phone this can really leave you wanted more. Like you wait for that last confirmation that the call is over… and BAM.. click. Chalk it up to a cultural difference I guess, but it really leaves you with an unfinished feeling. Call it phone blue balls.

Kanji Progress Report…I’m up to 567.. I have wrote over 3000 kanji is three weeks. A callous has formed on my finger, but I won’t lie I wear it has a badge of honor. I WILL master this fucker. So this is just part of the ride.

Kou Shibasaki checking in……..


Music of the Day..Yuna Ito – “Journey” Just a cool song.

I promise to make a post of more substance in the days to come.. I’m just loving Japan at the moment…..



Recap Time bonus I’m a criminal

10 03 2008

Really cool night. It was a lot of fun. Went out to eat with student which was awesome. Then to a sweet party that she and I both had a really cool time at.

She had a wake up at 6 or so, so we had to leave about 12. Being the nice guy I am, I said I would walk her home. That ended up being the best part of the night. 30 or so minutes of not sure where we are random walking the back streets of Japan. It was another one of those “wow I’m actually here” moments. The perfect mix of that great adventure, first date, drunkeness to be an amazing time. She is really cool. Again I didn’t go for a kiss. Call me lame but I guess I had such a good time I didn’t want to risk a pull away or something which I’m sure wouldnt happen. Could of been a nice exclamation point on the night, but I was a pussy. But it was awesome anyways!

The party was all foreigners… and to be honest I did feel like I got some “oh he brought a japanese person looks” maybe that was just in my head but I felt it. One dude was talking to my student for a while and she was having a good time so I left her alone. I told her to tell me when she wants to go home since she had to work in the morning. I went back to check on her and she said lets go so we left. As we were leaving the dude that she had been talking to whispered “is that your gf?.” Being the bastard I am, I said “not really” when I really should of just said “no”. I do feel bad for this since he was like soo sorry that he was talking to her. I told him its no big deal man but he really was worried and scared. I mean I like seemingly being intimitating, but I really should should of just said she wasn’t my gf becuase she isn’t and I don’t think I want her to be. I’m a dick sometimes. It was a quick desicion and I made the selfish one like I usually do. Persnal Character Flaw #324.

We are defenitly hanging out later in the week though and next weekend there is another party that I would love for her to come to, so we will see what happens!


AFTER the party and walking her home, i decided I wanted to get some curry. So I got on my bike and was on my way. Suddenly a police car rides next to me. At first I wasn’t sure what it was about but they quickly said stop, so I did. They were concerned about my bicycle light. I just said its broken in Japanese, and its the truth. The then asked if I was drunk. I was a little buzzed, but I said earlier yes, now no. They seemed to be satisfied and left me go and said “be careful!” in english. I don’t know why, but I was never scared or nervous. They were really nice and seemed to be totally understanding. Maybe that a little gaijin power and they were scared I couldn’t understand but they were totally cool. Police cars here do look pretty cool as well. Like they are from terminator or something… so anyways that my breaking the law story.


Japanese of the Day.. don’t feel like writing much so how about some interesting kanji(s)??<–not sure if there is an s or not in plural kanji….

木 -ki – tree (1 tree) 林 - hayashi – woods (2 tree)森 – mori - forest (3 trees) easy ne?

car – 車 – kuruma electricity – 電 – den  = Train – 電車 – densha

Guest Source – X-Japan members..Got to love the hair. Even with the mohawks, the are all business. They do make some good music though.

<– “we are a big deal”


Music of the Day…since the USA is now fully gripped by the America Idol drama, here’s a taste of something different. In Finland metal music is like “the” music of choice. So when they have American Idol, they don’t do old pop songs, but mostly classic and new metal songs. It’s really cool. This is one of the best Iron Maiden songs behing sung pretty well by a Finnish Idol contestant…Ari Koivunen -singing Iron Maiden’s  “The Evil That Men Do” Take it easy.

Party Hard..

17 02 2008

SO eating at my favorite restaurant in Japan, Coco Curry House, I met another foreigner. He was nice enough to ask for my number and said he would let me know about anything thats going on in this town. So today I got an email saying there is a party tonite! Sooo could be cool. I won’t know anyone which is always a little tough in the beggining, but I could meet some cool people so it should be a good time. Full report tomorrow. So far today I have studied a lot, made a huge lunch, and laundry. (<– that sounds like a japanese of the day topic)

Earlier today this sweet japanese game show was on. It was a test of kanji stroke order. I think it was split into families but I’m not sure so maybe the it was Kanji Family Feud. Nothing much happened when they were wrong except for fake smoke blowing into their face. That could possibly choke someone someday I guess. The accuracy rate was probably 50%. You learn stroke in order throughout school here in Japan, but remember we (we native english speakers) learned the write way to write letters as well in Elementary School, but most of us don’t. THe cool thing was it was very everyday kanji like station and mother. But it’s tough to get those stroke orders correct. There is a pattern that runs through the writing of every kanji but of course there are irregularities. Here’s an example of an everyday one they fucked up..station (eki). There are endless ways to write this.. but only ONE truly correct way….

I found this semi-interesting website that quickly stole 30 minutes of my life for no apparent reason. I like cats but still it doesn’t seem like this website should be that interesting. Nonethless, I spent 30 minutes looking and the best pic I could find was..
funny pictures
moar humorous pics

So work is getting a little more…. work like. Which I guess is no reason to bitch, but I do find myself doing more actual work than a month ago. The manager fucking knows nothing.. but I also know nothing. TO solve a problem sometimes I pretend I know how to do something just so she stops worrying. Shes like a dog or something. She needs attention and she gets soooo excited at the smallest coincedences and sooo down at the smallest of problems. My nickname (that I only use with coworker) is Hachiko. Yeah that Hachiko. I know it takes time to get used to a job, but jsut this transitional period is a little difficult. And takes away from my study time which puts me in a bad mood as well. Basically I turned this paragraph into a bitching session lol.crying 

Japanese of the Day…. Let’s go back to an earlier paragraph… I’ll take out “So Far” since I don’t know how to say that in Japanese lol…

So far today I have studied a lot, made a huge lunch, and laundry.



Kyo watashi wa takusan benkyou shite, ooki na ohiru-gohan wo ryouri shite, sentaku shita.

I am 99% percent sure something is wrong in that sentence. I’ll take it to my lesson tommorrow to get my teacher to check it. Damn I’m dedicated to you guys.

Guest Source.. Thoughts??

nami tamaki <–Nami – ” You definitly fucked up somewhere in that sentence… bitch”

Music of the Day…Primal Fear (again) – “Everytime it Rains” This video is funny because the guest vocalist(Simone Simons of Epica) is the total subject of this video because… well…. she’s hot. I’ve met her twice, if by meet you mean been in the front row of her bands concert and high fived her lol. But it was still awesome. Rock Out.

 Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light. Goodnight Simone….

What’s Up?

10 02 2008

I sort of have made that English greeting my “thing” at work to students. When I first arrived, I would always use it without thinking. I was always met with confused faces or the response of “Good” or “I’m fine”. While it was funny for a while, I soon started explaining the correct answer. So now the whole school uses it like crazy! It’s really cool to see what I have started. Students walk in and say What’s Up? to  and that’s really cool. It’s cool to have an effect. I guess that’s why I like teaching. Sometimes all the other sales shit, paperwork, and answering phones gets old, but teaching gives you an opportunity to affect people in a positive way, and thats what I love about the job.

Japanese of the Day.. Extended Today Since I’m in a studying mood…..

Some interesting Kanjis will suffice…..

川 – river – kawa or sen 州 – state – shuu or su

For river, it looks like a river. Easy. For state, think of the river as a boundary in between the different lands. For example I am in Kyushu. 九州    kyu=9 shu= state. 9 state maybe?

日本語 – Japanese – Nihongo

語(go) = word, so that part is easy enough…but what about the rest?

日(nichi,jitsu,hi,ka)=can mean a few things….usually day but in this case it means sun

本(hon,moto)= also a few meanings.. most popular is “book” (hon) but it can also mean “origin”

Sun+Origin+Word=Japanese.. Land of the rising sun words?? Make sense? I didn’t think so either.

花 = Flower

化 =change  = grass ….. So Change + Grass = Flower! Easy enough right?

東京 – Tokyo

東 = Eastern – Higashi

京 = Capital – (yeah in my dictionary the word for capital is totally different, ,more research will need to happen to fully explain this-please comment if you can explain better)

Tokyo is the Eastern(Tokyo is the Eastern(東) Capital(京)   Bitches!

Ken Watanabe\
“Gaijin thinks Japanese is difficult, he make me laugh”

Music of the Day….noo ideas really…..Good Song… Yui – “Life” Shes pretty in the “I dont care about how I look” pretty. Understand? lol Enjoy People.

Mission Impossible

20 01 2008

Since it was pouring down rain today and I had nothing better to do, I decided to attempt some reconnaissance work on my bike. As I explained before I beleive I activiated a lock that came with my bike, that I do not have the key for. So some of my students advised me that the lock is easy to cut through. So I walked, with the sharpest of the two knives I have in my apartment in tow to my bike. No success. My knife just sucks I think. I did unscrew it from my bike, but I will need a better saw to take care of this problem. The saga continues…..mission impossible…..so far. Bonus story: To add insult to this tough week, my umbrella exploded on my face from the wind on my walk home.   Yep. When it rains….

I always read back my posts to see how I was feeling the day or week before. I try as hard as I can to just shoot from the hip with my feelings without thinking with this blog so it’s as natural as possible. For me and anyone that just so happens to read it. But after reviewing, I do appear to be really affected by coworker. I think it’s a case of my body telling my mind… “you have no other fucking options bitch this is the one you want!” To change this problem, I need to get more options. On tuesday I’m hanging out with another one of my Japanese teachers students(dude) to attempt to expand my social circle. I will give a full report on the results. While I didn’t think living in Japan would be this enjoyable on the whole, I did also think two months in I would be more socially adapted. I think its 100% my fault, since I sort of expected it would just happen naturally. I blame myself. But in the future getting what I want from Japan seems like it will require more work from me, which is fine. No task is to difficult.

<– you don’t have the balls son

Japanese of the Day:

Well last week I started hitting the Kanji pretty hard. Kanji is the part of the Japanese writing system that is the pictures that equal complete words. Japanese is a language, and Kanji is sort of another language in itself. Some of the pictures have interesting stories behind them, but let’s get serious being interesting doesn’t make them any easier to learn. My goal is about 20 a week. I might be able to do more, but speaking is my number 1 priority so that will be where most of my focus is. The advantage people have living in Japan while trying to learn the language is amazing. After 4 days of studying, I can already notice kanji, or parts of kanji I recognize and that further burns it in the mind \. Walking down the street is like going to class, as long as your eyes are open to look and want to learn.

Anyways onto today’s lesson. In Japanese there is no such thing as puncuation. For example…(たとえば)…

While eating an apple, I sing.


You have to find where the spaces are!! In actual Japanese writing there, would be a kanji for the verb stems tabe (ru) and uta (u), Eat and Sing which are highlighted. Crazy.

Music of the Day time…Mika Nakashima(中島nakashima in Kanji)(inside(naka)中 island(shima)島 so ….nakashima=inside island) – “Sakuraio Maukoro”  Stunning.