Not much to say…

11 02 2008

Studying pretty heavily but needed a break, hence the blogging. Tomorrow is training. So…got to wake up a little earlier than usual. Sucks. Also have to give a model lesson to a group of observers ready to rip me a new one. But the night should be cool to hang out with all the people. One of the dudes I went to Tokyo is coming too so that should be a good time.

Today I got my hair cut for the first time here in Japan. My Japanese teacher came with me to help translate what I wanted…but wow is it short. This is the shortest I’ve ever had it in my life. I don’t want to have long long hair, but I always liked a little bit of length to hang on the the long hair I once had in high school. Well that is gone lol. I got the traditional Japanese business look. Sucks. I know a picture would be beneficial here, but I still need to buy new batteries for my camera so just imagine a dude with normal looking short hair.

Japanese of the Day….Tough Point for me… Potential Form….

I can’t remember her number.

Kanojo no bangoo o oboeraremasen.



mika smoking<—-Mika’s Not Impressed…

Music of the Day.. Yuna Ito again……..”I’m Here” She throws in English words at random times.. but this song is just good. Her Fruit hat in the video is weird though…..

Yuna wishes you sweet dreams”Yui yume o……………..”