Golden Week Chilling

29 04 2008

Today is one of those glorious days where I phsyically will not do anything. Not one step out of my apartment. Just recharging the body, mind, and everything else. I will clean up I guess but sometimes it’s nice just to not do one fucking thing and don’t feel antisocial. Lovin it.

As for the rest of the week, another teacher from my company called me and asked if I would like to go to Osaka with her, so that’s the plan. Well, provided I can get a way back. The bus there had space, but when I went to reserve the way back, there were no buses available. But I’m working on it. Should be a good time. Definitly a must hit city before getting thrown off the island.

Since the last episode where I have told you about that website, All Japanese all the Time, I have been studying like a madman. No grammer, just kanji. It’s tough. I’m actually not immediately improving my ability to communicate at all, just write. But to be a truly effective speaker knowing the kanji is essential. I often have heard people ask the kanji for things if someone uses a rare word or something. So… it’s a long road. But I want to get to that fucking end so I’m doing it.

A few days ago I went to the cool city of Yanagawa and rode in a boat through the canals that lace the city. It was a really cool time. Here a sample of the best pictures… more on flickr.





Japanese of the Day.. I guess just some of the methods I am using will be ok here..


To learn the Kanji, it seems like everyone agress James W. Heisig’s book is the best. It goes through all 2000 or so “general use” kanji. What it doesn’t have, is any example sentences or readings. It’s all about remembering the kanji and how to write them. It gives you a mnemonic device to aid in remember all the kanji. Every kanji is made up of different components, or is a component all itself, unlike what I used to think which was that people just drew what they thoought things looked like.(sometimes that’s sort of correct but 90% of the time it’s not)So this book is step 1 to eventually reading or writing REAL japanese. Not textbook hiragana and furigana stuff. USing in conjuction with an SRS or “spaced repitetion system”, which is supposeively the best way to remember ANYTHING. I guess I can’t give a review yet of these methods because I’ve only been using it for about 3 days but I will in the future.


Japanese of the Day..Yui – Goodbye Days – from the movie タイヨウのうた or Taiyou no Uta or Sun Song. Solid Sad Japanese movie. They really churn those out and no one likes them more than me! haha. Chill out this week people!



Nothing Much Here..

31 01 2008

Nothing much going on personally…Party on Sunday which should be cool. Working is a bit harder since we haven’t had a manager at my school for a few weeks, but it’s still easy as hell compared to any other job I’ve had in my life. If I didn’t have Japanese to study during my down time, I really would feel like I was a non-productive of society though.

On the coworker front…..I’ll see her at the party on Sunday and see what happens. But I refuse to have not being with her bring my attitude down anymore lol. I’ve said what I wanted to say, so now I’m done. I understand I’m still a bitch on this front.

I love Thursdays at work when the kid’s classes happen at my school. When I was sixteen, I worked at a Day Care for 4 years. I appreciated it then, but I appreciate it more now. There is something special about having kids idolize you that I truly miss. So when I have a few minutes in the lobby with kids to practice my Japanese speaking, or writing Kanji, I really enjoy it. There is no laugh more pure than a 3 or 4 year old laughing at your writing of your Kanji for “Flower”<—“hana.” There is no interest more pure than a 5 year old trying to figure out how to write your name in Hiragana. Yes it passes in 3 seconds, but for those moments there is nothing more in important in their world. Special Stuff.

Japanese of the Day… I really just use this space for problems I have with Japanese to help me remember it. If it helps anyone else, all the better! Soooo today…

The difference between casual and formal speech is massive in Japanese. For Example;

What did you buy?

Nan Katta? なんかった

Nani o kaimashita ka? なにをかいましたか

I saw a girl on the train text the top message. That is the EXTREME casual form. But I guess you should learn both or something. Dont complain to me, were in this boat together.

Music of the Day….Yui – “Goodbye Days” Lot of feeling in this song…most comes from the movie… but try to feel it anyways!