Skating + Deep Thoughts

20 04 2008

I actually wrote that title without having any deep thoughts in mind, so let’s hope they emerge as I type.

Well today I went skating for the first time since I left America and damn did it feel good. Something about feeling the wind in your face and the scrape of the ice under you makes your blood flow a little easier. While it was nice to skate, it did make me miss hockey even more. Just seeing the goal crease made me want to play sooo bad. But, since apparently they do play hockey here in town, I got some information and will get my Japanese teacher to call and find information for me. Besides my friends and normal portioned food, playing hockey is definitly at the top of my list of things I miss. Playing that will be good for my soul, meeting people, and speaking Japanese. Hopefully it happens.

Last night I went to a yakitori restaurant with a lady friend. Expensive but it was good. I always tell her to choose anything she likes (mostly because I can’t read the kanji menus, but let’s continue) For those that don’t know yakitori is basically shish kabob. But anyways she ordered some and one was just a straight up whole fish on a stick. She then informed me (Tamago wa sakana no naka iru!) Eggs are inside! Sure enough, one bite out of the fishes stomach reveiled hundreds of eggs. They did taste good, but I couldn’t help be feel a little for this porr pregnant fish. I love my meat and beleive it is natural for humans to eat meat, but letting a fish get pregnant and THEN killing it for food is a little strange for me. But I did eat 2 or 3 of them so apparently I don’t care THAT much.

(picture from my phone, a first ever for this site!)

I guess it’s deep thought time… I guess the main thought that pops in my head is… I’m very thankful that I have a much more lively life now than I did for the first two months I was here. I’ve been here for months now(wow seems like so much more) and these last two months I have never had a weekend where I didn’t go out with some people. It’s amazing how my mind can never be satisfied. For example, this weekend I will be going out with three different girls in three nights. Two months ago I would of PAID for that. But now I go out, see all these insanely hot girls, and think why not me? My mind takes solice in the fact that hot girls usually don’t want to speak English, and at my current Japanese level I need the girls to have SOME English. But that’s just an excuse for me to make me feel better. It’s time for me to try to attempt to get what I want. No one can change your life except for you! Now it’s my turn. Thanks for the words of wisdom Winston Phillips.

Right is hot.


Japanese of the Day…Looks like or seems like… you hear this often enough to need to know it.

Most common usage is for rain but it can be used for any adjective or verb. examples;

It looks like rain.
Ame ga furisou desu. ←-Use “masu form” without masu. ex. furimasusou desu.

That girl looks expensive.
Kono onna no ko ga takasou desu ne!
この 女の子 が 高そう です ね!

Guest Source: Jero

jero enka singer

A black dude that sings traditional Japanese ballads. He is good. And he has a hungry market. Young people like him because he’s cute and wears hip hop clothes. Older people love him because he is giving young people a reason to listento traditional Japanese songs.. Win win.


Music of the Day… with clips from Miyazaki’s best movie, Spirited Away – Snow Patrol with ” CHasing Cars. Sort of a gay song, but it goes so well with this amazing movie. Keep it real people.



Karaoke Playa

11 04 2008

So last night I went to Karaoke with one of my friends after work. Karaoke has become my go to activity with the ladies. At first I thought going just with one other person would be awkward, but it really isn’t. At least I make it not awkward by singing a crazy fun song and get really into to put her at ease. Another bonus is its cheap as hell, around 8 bucks for all you can drink for an hour. At a bar its 5 bucks for a beer, but here its 8 bucks for all you can drink and the pleasure of singing! I’m also ok at singing, so the people always act like I am Barry Manilow. But it is a really solid entertainment choice. At first I didn’t appreciate it but now I do.

Speaking of my new sort of cute student, today I played my usual game of telling her if she wants to meet foreigners I can take her to a foreigner party. So I give her my email and tell me to email me, and I will tell her the details. After that, I write back a message half in Japanese and half in English so they are surprised and start up normal outside school conversations, which lead to going out alone. I sort of feel like a dick as I type this.. but who’s the victim here? No one. It’s not like I use them, I just hang out with them and let them speak English. Work also says it’s totally cool. So I don’t know why I am defending my actions in this space to myself. I guess that means something is wrong with it, but I don’t know what! So I’m sure I won’t stop.
Japanese of the Day… is the email I just sent her..


Wow! Great English! Sorry… the party is not at school! I have never been to Saga…

Guest Source Thoughts.. Ayumi Hamasaki..

Music of the Day… Ayumi Hamasaki .. Mirrocle Word.. not sure if the mispelling is on purpose, but the song is good. It’s a new single coming out soon, so the signs are everywhere. Not necessarily a bad thing……….Good night.

Feeding Frenzy

9 04 2008

So today I had to wake up at 7 to pass out flyers since a high school’s first day was today. It was a sight to see. No less than 5 English school were they’re with us, doing the same shit. Forcing unwilling students to take they’re flyer they could care less about. Most people say Japanese are afraid to stand out and be pushy, but I guess those rules don’t apply when handing out flyers. These crazy ass people would shove it in the students face untill the students took it. Like 5 poeple SWARM each student and attack them with thier flyers. This would never work in America, since the students would just drop the flyers on the ground seconds after recieving it. But in Japan that’s not cool so they keep it, even though they really don’t care. I was easily bored and not into forcing people to take flyers, so I found the cutest other school teacher and started up a convo.

She was like really cute. A little older than me, maybe late 20’s but she was cute. Her English was ok, but I had fun teasing her about people taking my flyer and not hers. I SOOO badly wanted to get her phone number, but my manager was like hey your at work now, no time for girls! I ignored it, but couldn’t figure a way to get her number without appearing that I was actually getting her number. Also I was nervous becuase she was actually good looking, which is a common thing for me. Not hot, no problem asking for the number. Hot, I get nervous as hell. At least I know where she works, but god damn it I’m stupid.

Remember that cute student that I gave my email too because she wasn’t sure she was going to sign up to be a student? Well she signed up as a private student. She’s cute, but damn she’s one of those people that ALWAYS laugh at EVERYTHING. Reall annoying. I find myself turning down the humour becuase I get tired of her fucking laughing. But she’s cute. And she REALLY wants to meet foreigners…..I guess I can help her out with that. She comes next Friday so I will ask her if she wants to do something this weekend. We will see what transpires….

Japanese of the Day…Fun Fact.. When describing people, you don’t say a person’s nose is big, you say it is high not big. Strange but true.

Mika’s nose is big and cute.

みかのはなが たかくて、かわいいです。
美嘉の鼻が 高くて、可愛いです。 
Mika no hana ga takakute, kawaii desu.

Guest Source… Hideki Matsui


He just got married, so I was trying to find pictures of his new bride, but apparently he had a secret marraige so the Japanese press wouldn’t jump all over her. Probably a good desicion. But judging from that drawing, she isn’t so hot.


Music of the Day..Meatload – “Two out of three ain’t bad” Talk about depressing. That’s why I like it.


Nothing Interesting Here

7 01 2008

Seriously. I have really nothing to say but in my quest for a post a day, I must press on. Today in my Japanese lesson while walking around, my teacher said what do you think about Japanese girls. I said they are very pretty. She goes” thats it???” What am I supposed to say, “Yeah I want to bang the hell out of them.” I guess she gets a lot of that since all of her students are American guys. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love banging but come on lol.

Since we’re on a creepy subject already, let’s make it official with a top 3 cutest japanese girls countdown!

3. Nami Tamaki! It’s even creepier to give specific reasons, so just use your imagination.

nami tamaki

#2 Kristen Kreuk – Is she Japanese? No! But it’s my list.


#1 Mika Nakashima – Yeah I mention her a lot. But seriously. Eyes alone=Game Over.

nana mika

mika smoking

This concludes the creepy post. I really had nothing to say though. Tomorrow we will return to the regular bitching and moaning about, in no particular order; coworkers, learning Japanese, and other random complaints. I must sound like I’m having a horrible time here, but beleive me I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! My job consists of getting paid pretty well for teaching people for a few hours a day, while learning Japanese on the job during my down time. I really have a good gig here. Apartment, Job, Town.. I’m thankful for it all.

Goodnight! Oyasuminasai!

Music of the Day – Weird Hair but cool feeling song  Koda Kumi – “Anytime”

2 weeks later..routines emerge

8 12 2007

Well two weeks of work down. Two weeks of a new country. So far, so good. Becuase I read sooo much about this country and other people’s experiences, I haven’t been shocked at much yet. I have learned a lot. I have been frustrated and lonely as well but everything is started to become normal. Well as normal as it ever will be.

The biggest thing I was interested in, was how I would be looked at and treated in Japan. So far everyone is as nice as can be. While at times I get a nervous vibe from people, when actually in an interaction with me japanese people put my happiness FAR above thier own. I am very much a subject of interest though. I get MANY looks whenever I am on the street. But I do like attention. The worst though is when a good looking girl is just staring. Your mind juggles with the thoughts of is she interested? or is she just surprised to see a gaijin?(foreigner) The pessimist I am assumes the later even though I have no reason to. The best look I ever got was from a whole class of school children. One kid at the end caught a look at me, and quickly started getting the attention of everyone in the class to look at me. I winked, they CRACKED UP. Like WOW he can communicate! But I just laugh. Interesting event that many never will get to experience. Let’s see how I feel about it in 6 or so more months.

Work is really easy but just sooo long. Not even long, just boring. I have 5 hour streches without teaching. When a cool student is in the lobby, its great. But when I’m by myself it sucks. I love to contemplate and have deep thought, but one can only do it for so long. Next week I will bring my Japanese stuff to start studying during these down times. The actual teaching is fun as well. When the students leave the classroom and I really feel like they have learned something, I feel good. When I think they had a hard time in class, I feel bad. Everyone is so interested in me though talking is soo easy. Students, Coworkers, School, Work – All Rock.

I didn’t prepare for how tough it was going to be to function without knowing much Japanese. I mean really its easy to function, but I hate not knowing it. I hate conversations that go on around me that I have no idea what they are talking about. I resent english speakers that have learned english for no apparent reason. But I’m working on it. I will get over this tough point. To fully enjoy this country,  I  need a much better grasp of the language. Not fluent, but MUCH better. Give me a few months. I’m on a mission.

On a less deep thought note, I think Japanese girls mid-leg must not have nerves. Girls from 12 and 18 wear their school uniform skirts as short as possible, no matter how freaking cold it is outside. If they are over 18 they just wear skirts short as hell with those thigh warmers or long socks. I’m freezing my ass off in a suit and a overcoat, but I see girls all around me wearing skirts. I’m not complaning, but damn.

Also they laugh WAY more than Americans. EVERYTHING is funny. At times it’s cute, but sometimes its like jeez wait for the punch line. Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess how long I wait before its annoying depends on the cuteness of the girl I’m talking to. But the society is so trained to be nice that people use laughing to make situations more comfortable. So that’s good and bad.

Finally, in the sometimes life throws you a bone category; Leaving work last night I was feeling a little lonely. I grab my ipod and push shuffle. Billy Idol’s ” Dancing with Myself” is first song lol.  I start cracking up. Perfect mood changin song. On Wenesday, I was walking home minding my own busines and I hear a meow. I turn around and an orange tabby( just like my now deceased cat Tigger) comes running up to me. I had no food, but if I had a knife I would of given him my damn finger. I petted him for a while, and turned to leave. He walked with me for a while and we went our seperate ways. While I don’t beleive in an afterlife or anything, sometimes I like to think that Tigger was just stopping in to check on me.

                                                   tired tigger2

                            For Tigger, a song from CATS – Gus the Theater Cat.