More Observations…

23 01 2008

Japanese stock market took a big hit today, as did most of the rest of the world. For those inquiring minds, here’s the link. But apparently is all stems from uncertainty in the US economy. So I asked one of salaryman’s thoughts on the subject. He admittedly didn’t know much about it, but said it was because of something in the U.S.. We later got to talkng about WWII somehow, or (The Pacific War in Japan) and about the bombs. Personally, my feelings on the bombs are mixed. The bombs did stop the war, but soo many innocent people died. But the war was stopped so I guess that was the point. My student who wasn’t born yet at the time said the first bomb made sense, but the second one doesn’t. Thats a fair point in my view. He also admitted that history text books get changed all the time in Japan, even though there is only one truth. I asked why this is, and he didn’t have a good answer.(his english is limited) He then turned the tables and asked about what America is doing in Iraq. I said I’m not really sure, but the goal is to set up democracy in Iraq. He said it takes soo long lol. I realized when I asked him I took his opinion to be all of Japan’s feelings in a sense, which is stupid. But when he asked me his question I realized I can’t just make some bullshit up since he probably is thinking the same thing. I was speaking for all of America, because I’m all the America he knows. Call me a Diplomat. haha.

Japanese of the Day. Three Buts! ga, demo,  kedo.  <–(learn something new everyday file: While creating this masterpiece of a blog I learned kedo is just the shortened from of keredomo. But all I hear in Japan is kedo, so forget I mentioned that.)

Three different uses, only two of which I fully understand. But of course I will give an example of each.

Mika took a test. But, she failed. -Mika wa testo o ukeshita. Demo,  kanojo wa ochimashita. ミカはてすとをうけした。でもかのじょはおちました。Demo is used in situations when But starts a sentence in English.

Her face is pretty but it’s too skinny.- Kanojo no kao wa kirei desu kedo, yaseta-sugiru desu.  かのじょのかおはきれいですけど、やせたすぎらです. Kedo is used to combine to sentences together that would use but.

Tommorrow Rachel will go but I wont. Ashita Racheu wa ikimasu ga, watashi wa ikimasen. あしたラチェゥはいきますがわたしはいきません。Yeah, I never get a straight answer when I ask about the difference between ga and kedo. It seems though in my meager studies that kedo comes after desu more and “Ga” comes after nouns or verbs more. But your source is a joke.

MeatRL <—-your source AKA me.

Music of the Day… Yuna Ito – ” Truth” Solid J-pop Ballad. This is from nana2. Not as good as the first, but still good. Scenery is Sweet in the video. I attempted to translate the chorus. But the experiment failed miserably..Enjoy none the less lol.