Party + Guest

18 03 2008

The party was pretty sweet. It was a easter based party, so there was a few interesting jesus based costumes like a jesus, a nun(played by a guy) and a girls with rabbit ears, which I think I have a fetish for haha. It was about half foreigners half japanese which I think is a good mix. I always end up talking to the Japanese people, and to be honest, sometimes I feel like the foreigners treat me different;y because of this. It’s fine and I’m not going to stop, but I got a few comments that made me think. But anyways it was fun and I drank a lot. I also got the “here put your email in my phone” once, and somehow my phone has 2 new people in it which is good news I guess. I think some Japanese like just having foreigners in there phone, but I do the same thing so its ok lol…

This warm weather is really causing me to fall in love every three seconds. The scenery has gotten A LOT better, not that it was ever bad in the first place but DAMN.

So last night student date girl said she wanted to bring over food out of the blue, so of course I said yes. We ended up chilling for a while, watching a movie, I showcased classic Youtube videos for a long time. Still didn’t hook up. Yeah I know. I’m a joke. But it is fun to just hang out sometimes you know! But yeah I know. We’re going to Yanagawa Thursday which has some sort of canal thing, which should be cool…


Japanese of the Day……Just some random words…

YAPPARI – やっぱりー(as one expected,after all)<—very common
KEKKOU - けっこうー(quite, very well)
TSUITSUI - ついついー(unintentionally, unconsciously),
NAKANAKA - なかなかー(not easily)

Yeah no sentences I have to go to work….Guest source Chihiro from the best Miyazaki movie “Spirited Away”



Music of the Day…….Blind Guardian – ” Noldor” Epic German Band… kind of nerd metal but they have some good songs… for example….Rock out.