China Students

18 04 2008

Well today for the first time I went to a Japanese cram school to teach a lesson. But, the catch is it was for Chinese students. At first I wasn’t sure how that would be different and in the end, there wasn’t any difference. They all have been in Japan for around 2 years so their Japanese is really good and it seems they think speaking in Japanese is allowed while speaking in Chinese is not. The tough part was.. for some people this was their VERY first English lesson. I’m talking no ABC’s, no pronunciation, nothing. So needless to say that even the simple lesson of “My name is ____” was very taxing and took up the full hour and a half lesson. Plus really no cuties in the group. Bummer. Next week will be easier.

Yesterday one of my students went to the grocery store after class, and after I was finished I went there too. Earilier today we were talking about going ice skating so she spotted me and came over and pointed to her phone. So I just said whats your email? with no other dialogue. As I was doing this unbeknownst to me another foreigner dude was in the grocery store and was watching and said.. ” Are you serious?” and in true 40 Year old virgin fashion…. he said, ” teach me!” haha good timing can make anyone look good.


Japanese of the Day… Using a picture of Ai Otsuka.. some kanji study 

The Kanji says… Daisuki(大好き) da yo! 大塚愛 (Otsuka Ai).  meaning… I Love! ***Ai Otsuka!***

***********************thanks for the correction from loyal reader Daniel****************

Music and Japanese of the Day… the band Deen with  – ” hitori ja nai” – literally not(ja nai) one person(hitori) – but translated means not alone! Got to love the guitar player that is WAAAY to into it. Rock out.. in a sort of churchy sounding rock way. But it’s uplifting at least.



A Guest!??!?!

13 03 2008

Well people, I had someone in my apartment for the first time since that first day of my arrival November 25th, 2007. Taking only 110 days(CANNOT BELEIVE IVE BEEN HERE THAT LONG) a companion of mine came over at 2 am and stayed till about 6 am (she got off work late). I was a little tired today but I did get to sleep about 6 hours before work. We watched The Prestige. Drank a little. Yeah that’s it. I’m really not dissapointed, because for some reason Im so fucking scared of hurting someone it’s amazing. At the end of the night, “well, it was fun” talk, I grabbed her hand and went for the kiss, but she thought I was going for hug and gave the hug. It was more funny than anything. She did enjoy herself though and wanted to stay after the movie, but I was just too tired. I will see her again tomorrow night. I will keep you all updated.

High School is tough here. Like really tough. Every student I’ve spoken too seems to study like ALL THE TIME. I know its the Japanese way to say you are working harder and are more busy than you actually are, but I don’t know seeing the books and the schedules of these kids make me beleive it. A few students get to class 15-20 minutes early, sit down and are INSTANTLY asleep. I’m not talking like “let me rest” but OUT out. Like they need to be woken up. There is so much pressure on the kids to get into a good college. After high school, most kids go to another school just to prepare for the college entrance exams. Then on Saturday, more school. It’s tough. No one seems to have much fun either. I loved high school so I try to convey that high school should be fun, but it’s a tough sell here.

Japanese of the Day….Mimetic Words!! Not quite onamatopoeia….because some of these words don’t even make a noise, but enjoy nonetheless!

iraira: impatientience
sakusaku: crispyness
sarasara: light
zarazara: rough
dokidoki: excited(a fast heartbeat sound)
nukunuku: warmly

Guest Source Ai Otsuka……………..


“this site makes me the OPPOSITE of wakuwaku”


Music of the Day………..Hilary Duff….”Fly” She got less hot as she got older…

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