New Motivation

25 04 2008

Maybe the last thing I need on earth is more motivation, but I found this really cool website about learning Japanese today. It’s called All Japanese All the Time. It gave me a quick punch to the balls about my study habits. While most people already say I’m crazy with my study habits, this guy is crazier. But, it makes me want to be crazier as well. To summarize his methods, it means immerse yourself to the millionth degree. No more English movies(I haven’t watched one since I”ve been here) no more English music(not sure I can do this one) no more English outside of work. while I won’t be able to follow this ALL the time. I definitly will try my best more than I have been before… CRAP I shouldn’t be writing this blog then…. but I will press on.

This sentence in particular punched me in the pussy…

2. Getting By
“You can get by in Japan without Japanese. Emphasis on the “get by”, as in “survive”, not “succeed” or “thrive”. You can make it. It’ll suck — you won’t know what most signs mean, you won’t be able to negotiate or search for cheaper housing, you won’t be able to search the Internet for the best deals on electronics, you won’t be able to have meaningful conversations with people. But you’ll muddle through. You can take trains, go shopping, point at pictures in restaurants, and learn basic survival phrases. And anything you really can’t do (like go to government offices), your bilingual Japanese girlfriend can help you with. ”

I know to some people there is nothing wrong with that, hell before I came I planned on getting by as well. But now I know I can’t leave happily untill I’m not just getting by. Typical for me to accomplish one dream only to unearth another…God damn it.

Speaking of annoying bitches..I have one friend who is sooo cool to go out with. Once a week we go eat, just talking having fun. But this other girl who is also fun has turned into drama city. Nothing sucks the spontaneous fun out of hanging out like drama. And before it is someone says that there is drama because you hooked up….yeah your probably right.

Japanese of the Day 

“私は中島美嘉 です。”yeah thats sucks I know..gomen ne.

let’s get straight to the music.

Only one thing seemed approproate today haha

Music of the Day… Survivor – ” Burning Heart” better than Eye of the Tiger definitly





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