Return to kindergarden..

14 04 2008

So recently at my Japanese lesson my teacher has been given me old Japanese children’s stories to read and translate for practice. Today when the lesson was almost over, my teacher asked some random person to come over. Then it was time for me to read one of these said stories. I was nervous and felt like a kindergardener again, but it was good practice. To make it worse the girl was cute. And trust me there is nothing less manly then reading like “One d-d-day they person, Oops people went to the p-p-p-park.” But she clapped when I was done so that was cool. All on the path towards the goal I guess.

Last night was a big guy’s night out with the some guys from town. I drank way too much, but it was a sweet time. All you can drink dinner, than all you can drink karaoke for 3 hours. Apparently I am known as the guy with girls now. I always deny it and really don’t think it is true, but I am usually seen by those guys with various girls. But there are much worse things to get made fun of in life than having a lot of girls. In actuality I’m not like a ladies man at all, but I am just always seen in town by those guys when I do have a female companion. One dude was especially jeoulus and even asked for my number so I could help him out. To my ego crazy brain, nothing felt better. But as usual I need more. I want a knockout.

There’s one funny thing about my tastes in Japan. I sort of think the girls that dye their hair blonde are sexy… but apparently to girls that don’t dye their hair, they are total sluts. These girls are always with the guys that dress all ghetto and look like junkies. I don’t understand it. They are sexy as hell though. They always wear those thigh high tights that I love. I don’t like Ganguro, which is tanned as hell along with the blonde hair, but dyed hair with a nice skirt is sexy. But it seems those girls aren’t really interested in foreigners, but I will attempt to break that trend. I prefer the black, but I don’t mind the blonde movement. Some google examples..

(eyes enlarged?????? that’s a debate for another day…)

Got to have a guy as well to be fair…


Japanese of the Day…………………………..since today I had one… let’s go over hangover..

二日酔い = futsukayoi = hangover
二日=futsuka = two days
酔っ払い=yopparai =drunk
Together means = Two Days Drunk!!! Funny ne?


Music of the Day…Awesome Finnish European Symphonic Metal…. Nightwish.. The Poet and the Pendulum.. Slow start but when it kicks in.. it rocks.. their new singer isn’t as good as there old one, Tarja Turunen, but this song is still good. Rock out.


Goodnight Tarja……




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