Karaoke Playa

11 04 2008

So last night I went to Karaoke with one of my friends after work. Karaoke has become my go to activity with the ladies. At first I thought going just with one other person would be awkward, but it really isn’t. At least I make it not awkward by singing a crazy fun song and get really into to put her at ease. Another bonus is its cheap as hell, around 8 bucks for all you can drink for an hour. At a bar its 5 bucks for a beer, but here its 8 bucks for all you can drink and the pleasure of singing! I’m also ok at singing, so the people always act like I am Barry Manilow. But it is a really solid entertainment choice. At first I didn’t appreciate it but now I do.

Speaking of my new sort of cute student, today I played my usual game of telling her if she wants to meet foreigners I can take her to a foreigner party. So I give her my email and tell me to email me, and I will tell her the details. After that, I write back a message half in Japanese and half in English so they are surprised and start up normal outside school conversations, which lead to going out alone. I sort of feel like a dick as I type this.. but who’s the victim here? No one. It’s not like I use them, I just hang out with them and let them speak English. Work also says it’s totally cool. So I don’t know why I am defending my actions in this space to myself. I guess that means something is wrong with it, but I don’t know what! So I’m sure I won’t stop.
Japanese of the Day… is the email I just sent her..


Wow! Great English! Sorry… the party is not at school! I have never been to Saga…

Guest Source Thoughts.. Ayumi Hamasaki..

Music of the Day… Ayumi Hamasaki .. Mirrocle Word.. not sure if the mispelling is on purpose, but the song is good. It’s a new single coming out soon, so the signs are everywhere. Not necessarily a bad thing……….Good night.





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