Feeding Frenzy

9 04 2008

So today I had to wake up at 7 to pass out flyers since a high school’s first day was today. It was a sight to see. No less than 5 English school were they’re with us, doing the same shit. Forcing unwilling students to take they’re flyer they could care less about. Most people say Japanese are afraid to stand out and be pushy, but I guess those rules don’t apply when handing out flyers. These crazy ass people would shove it in the students face untill the students took it. Like 5 poeple SWARM each student and attack them with thier flyers. This would never work in America, since the students would just drop the flyers on the ground seconds after recieving it. But in Japan that’s not cool so they keep it, even though they really don’t care. I was easily bored and not into forcing people to take flyers, so I found the cutest other school teacher and started up a convo.

She was like really cute. A little older than me, maybe late 20’s but she was cute. Her English was ok, but I had fun teasing her about people taking my flyer and not hers. I SOOO badly wanted to get her phone number, but my manager was like hey your at work now, no time for girls! I ignored it, but couldn’t figure a way to get her number without appearing that I was actually getting her number. Also I was nervous becuase she was actually good looking, which is a common thing for me. Not hot, no problem asking for the number. Hot, I get nervous as hell. At least I know where she works, but god damn it I’m stupid.

Remember that cute student that I gave my email too because she wasn’t sure she was going to sign up to be a student? Well she signed up as a private student. She’s cute, but damn she’s one of those people that ALWAYS laugh at EVERYTHING. Reall annoying. I find myself turning down the humour becuase I get tired of her fucking laughing. But she’s cute. And she REALLY wants to meet foreigners…..I guess I can help her out with that. She comes next Friday so I will ask her if she wants to do something this weekend. We will see what transpires….

Japanese of the Day…Fun Fact.. When describing people, you don’t say a person’s nose is big, you say it is high not big. Strange but true.

Mika’s nose is big and cute.

みかのはなが たかくて、かわいいです。
美嘉の鼻が 高くて、可愛いです。 
Mika no hana ga takakute, kawaii desu.

Guest Source… Hideki Matsui


He just got married, so I was trying to find pictures of his new bride, but apparently he had a secret marraige so the Japanese press wouldn’t jump all over her. Probably a good desicion. But judging from that drawing, she isn’t so hot.


Music of the Day..Meatload – “Two out of three ain’t bad” Talk about depressing. That’s why I like it.





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