5 04 2008

Well today I was informed on of my students complained about me. Since this is the first time I was a little shocked, and also very interested to find out what exactly they complained about. It turns out, I talk fast. So whatever. The student that complained is much to low for the book she is currently on, so everything is hard for her. It is difficult to teach classes with all different level students. But still obviosuly I need to change something. So I will ATTEMPT to swallow my pride and change, even though it is so so so so so so hard for me.

Since the NHL playoffs are looming, my schedule consists of going to sleep at 1am.. and waking up and 8am.. to watch the most important games. The playoffs are the best time of year. This year its tough, since it seems I am sooo far away, which I am. I haven’t missed  season opener or season finale in 4 years for my team. This year has been tough. The excitement, dissapointment, anxiousness, and anxiety of the playoffs will be much different this year… we will see.


Go Penguins.

Who’s Next? Montages are the best

Japanese of the Day..node(ので)..because or since..

Because she’s hot, it’s easy to look at her.


Kanojo wa kirei na node, miyasui!

Guest Source Goto Maki and Gackt

Shes hot. Some girls say Gackt is to feminine, but others go crazy for him. It’s up to you.


Music of the Day..Do as Infinity… song..ignore the motorcycle backround..





One response

6 04 2008

Hi. I came across this blog when searching for some j-pop stuff.
I’ve wanted to visit japan for a while now.
(I recognize almost all the guest sources. and btw, sweet song. Do As Infinity was an awesome band. I hadn’t heard that song before.)
It’s seems like you have a pretty cool job in Japan. I was wondering what exactly you do or teach?
Thanks for making this blog and sharing your experiences.

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