Fun Fact

2 04 2008

Here’s a fun fact. You know when you are viewing your favorite adult websites, and there is occasionally ads that appear with girls that supposively want to meet you now? Well, when they state where the girls are from they correctly state Japan, but all the girls remain obivously non-Asian looking while they’re names are changed to Japanese…lol. The Ad system can only be soo accurate, but it’s a good attempt. So occasionally youll see a blonde woman with huge boobs supposively named Tomoko from Japan. It makes me laugh.

 I love Japanese women’s fashion. That is all.

Today at work we had a visitor today that was thinking of signing up. Being midly cute, and sensing that my company was to expensive for her, I gave her my email. Afterwards I felt like I shouldn’t have, but we’ll see if she emails! She ended up not being sure if she wanted to sign up for class justst as I suspected so we will see if she emails me. It’s sort of funny, but once a student officially becomes a student, getting personal info is difficult becuase their are always other students around. So the window for a personal relationship is small. So I took a chance. We’ll see what happens. My company is totally cool with student teacher relationships but I still would feel weird if my manager or coworker knew I did it.

Music of the Day….this is pretty gay but I like it. Ashley Tisdale – doing The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” It’s just catchy and good. Shut up. Rock out to it.

Goonight Mika…




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