Sakura Bitch

31 03 2008

So the cherry blossoms have come. I haven’t actually seen them so much, but I have heard they have arrived. Today at work we had a sakura party, but unfortuneatly it was raining hard as hell so we had to have the party just at school. Only about ten students came but it was a pretty fun relaxed party. We ate 20 bucks for a medium pizza, which is usual for Japan. The highlight was probably the students making me drink insane amounts of beer at one time because its so entertaining for them. People can drink in Japan, but chugging seems to be an unknown art form. So when I chug like half a beer I get applause. Cool.

Afterwords when one a first date with a new girl I just met. She’s bad at English but really wants to learn, and is so excited to talk to someone that speaks English that it was pretty fun. It’s never bad when someone is floored to talk to you, even if it just because of where you were born. She’s cutish, and this will make me sound like a dick, but I’m ready for a date with a hot girl. With this good weather it seems they are out more than ever. Now that I’ve had some experiences with some people, my next goal is to meet a true knock-out. See how I’m never satisfied? Oh the prison I live in my own head.

Soooo I took the Level 4 Japanese test and passed! By.5%. You have to get a 60%, and I got 60.5%. Talk about lame. I wasn’t happy. I know I technically passed, but 40% of that fucker I didn’t know. Ugh. More studying must commence.  I should be happy of how far I have came. It has only been 3 months of studying and that test usual takes much longer to pass. But, yeah yeah I know crying

Today after my lesson I took some pictures of the sakura….. Here are the best..I’m not like a flower guy, but they do look pretty…

sakuracloseup   upsakura   acrosstree


Japanese of the Day…i’m tired so not much…

 Sugoi! = Wow!

But it is used WAY more than wow is in English. Anything that mildly impresses you, just say sugoi! and your ok. trust me.

Guest Japanese Source = The Singer Ayaka 


Music of the Day…From Final Fantasy 3..”Aria de Mezzo Carattere” It’s amazing how much emotion this has, even though its shitty digital sound, with badly translated lyrics. Sometimes when a melody is good enough, it can just be amazing no matter how it is heard. It’s awesome.




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