Karaoke is Fun!

28 03 2008

You know when you that last hour of work comes and all you can think about it getting home and relazing? Well that happened to me, and THEN I got asked to go to karaoke with the kids teacher in my school. I was SOOOO against it in my head, but it seems she really wanted to go so I went. It turned out to be really fun. My song list…..I’m quickly learning the best songs for my voice in karaoke, but it just takes time haha… Ok

“More than a Feeling” – Boston

“I Would Do Anything for Love” – Meatloaf

“American Idiot” – Greenday

“Under the Sea” – Ummm the Little Mermaid

“Beauty and the Beast” – Ummm yeah the movie

“The Origin of Love” -= Hedwig and the Angry Itch <—my go-to song by far


Japanese of the Day..My teacher just gave me the unofficial Level 4 the (lowest of 4) Japanese test. Not sure if I passed, but I asked for a copy after so I could study it… So here is a couple of questions- Maybe just one if it takes too long….

さかな たくさん _____ います。

A. およぎて B. およぐて C. およいで D. およんで

さかな=fish  たくさん=lots います=-ing

Ok so this question is trying to get the correct verb form of Oyogu(泳ぐ) which means swim.

So the correct answer is……. C. -te form of oyogu is… およいで

The fish are swimming a lot.

Next one…

その カメラ ____ きのう かいました。
A. が B. は C. の D. で

その カメラ=that camera きのう=yesterday かいました=bought

Ok so particle question….

This one is difficult for me..so I might be incorrect, because A and B can be used so interchangeably.

But the sentence is  saying..

 I bought this camera yesterday.

My guess is C, but that’s an educated scribble on the scantron sheet.

Scantrons = only multiple choice tests… yesssssssss


Music of the Day… I guess a song from karaoke… Meatloaf – “I would do anything for love” What is this song about? Does anyone actually know?





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