You Choose

26 03 2008


I haven’t wrote much recently. I think it’s mainly because I don’t want to really write about whats going on. Just girl drama that I don’t want. Be careful what you wish for.

Anyways, recently I have been doing a class about environmental issues with 2 of my classes. I always bring up the USA’s issue with the killing of whales by Japan for research. I don’t fully understand the issues so I really have no side on the subject. But, the conversation eventually leads to the old ways of killing whales, which involved spearing the animal and letting it swim untill the blood loss and fatigue kill it.

Whaling in the Edo period depicted by Hokusai

My students then point out we kill cows and pigs and such. Then I point out the way we kill those animals is usually instant death, like shocking or beheading. (even though from doing more research, it seems cutting of the throat is more popular)
Tough Video Warning..

Anyways when posing the question to my students of How would you rather die? The way of the whale, or the way of American beef?—EVERYONE has chosen the whale, spearing than waiting for death method.

The reason?  Tradition

They say it is a tradition to die this way so it is much better than being not respected and just having your neck slit.

Interesting thought…. I would rather choose the neck slit, since it definitly involves less suffering, but it is interesting to hear how much tradition means to Japanese people, even in death.

What would you choose?


Japanese of the Day..I guess some animals would be ok for this post…Let’s go Animal Farm on this bitch…

Cow – ushi – うし – 牛
Fox – kitsune – きつね
Wolf – ookami – おおかみ
Pig – buta – ぶた – 豚
Horse – uma – うま – 馬
Duck – ahiru – あひる –
Human – ningen – にんげん - 人間
Rat – nezumi – ねずみ
Whale – kujira – くじら -鯨
Godzilla – Gojira - ゴジラ

 <—“thanks for the mention dick”


Music of the Day………Cool little video I found.チャットモンチー「ヒラヒラヒラク秘密ノ扉) Good luck with the title. But the band name is Chattomonchi! and the song name starts with birabirabirabirabira something. Its a cool little song

Goodnight from Chattomonchi..




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