Mono.. I think

24 03 2008

I think I have mono. I could always sleep if I wanted. If I lay down for any amount of time, I really could sleep. I guess I’m not worried, but it sucks sometimes. Don’t know what I should do, but I will just see if it stops eventually. Hopefully.

Japanese of the Day…Japanese has many verb forms…. For会う)…(meet)

  • 1st Negative form: Awanai = I don’t meet
  • 2nd Conjunctive form: Ai(masu/mashita) = I meet/met(normal-polite)
  • 3rd Dictionary form: Au = I meet(casual)
  • 4th Conditional form: Ae(ba) = If I meet
  • 5th Volitional form: Aou = Let’s meet
  • 6th TE form: Atte = I meet and…(indicates another verb will follow)
  • 7th TA form: Atta = I met(casual)
  • difficult…… Misaki Ito..thoughts?

    <—“you suck”


    Music of the Day…It’s not music but it’s awesome..Bobby Lee from MadTV doing “Memiors of a Geisha” parody…. funny as hell..

    “You must learn the art of conversation”

    “I can stick my fist in my mouth” hahaha




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