Stood Up!

16 03 2008

haha not really.. but yeah i was supposed to go out with student date girl last night, but about an hour before she said she had a work meeting….mmm…suspicious…nah I believe it this time. We’re supposed to hang out tomorrow so we will see. Oh interesting story.. Whiteday, the holiday that is like the American Valentine’s Day, happened last week. I totally had no clue, but I got a few gifts from my students. I had a class with student date girl that same day… so i regifted a small cookie thing or something. She was surprised and pleased. But it was a regift. I know I’m a dick but it was alright.

Tonite is a party! Some people’s leaving party. It’s the group of people that I know now but meeting a foreigner by chance at the curry house in town. I was really lucky to meet him I now realize. It has let to a lot more of a social life. Sometimes luck just happens to you I guess.  I’m going solo so we’ll see what happens. Full report tomorrow.

Japanese of the Day..something short and stupid but useful..

Japanese use like a million plastic bags for everything. When you get groceries, each individual piece of produce, meat, fish gets a seperate plastic bag before getting put into another plastic bag, then is put into the actual carrying plastic bag. It’s Captian Planet’s worst nightmare.

SO I don’t need a bag is….

fukuro wa iranai

ふくろ は いらない。
袋 は 要らない.

Fukuro=bag iru=need iranai=informal negative form

<–“good looking out bro”


Music of the Day…Megadeth – “Washington is Next” Stupid political lyrics but awesome song nonetheless… hopefully tonite is fun. Party hard wherever you are!




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