A Guest!??!?!

13 03 2008

Well people, I had someone in my apartment for the first time since that first day of my arrival November 25th, 2007. Taking only 110 days(CANNOT BELEIVE IVE BEEN HERE THAT LONG) a companion of mine came over at 2 am and stayed till about 6 am (she got off work late). I was a little tired today but I did get to sleep about 6 hours before work. We watched The Prestige. Drank a little. Yeah that’s it. I’m really not dissapointed, because for some reason Im so fucking scared of hurting someone it’s amazing. At the end of the night, “well, it was fun” talk, I grabbed her hand and went for the kiss, but she thought I was going for hug and gave the hug. It was more funny than anything. She did enjoy herself though and wanted to stay after the movie, but I was just too tired. I will see her again tomorrow night. I will keep you all updated.

High School is tough here. Like really tough. Every student I’ve spoken too seems to study like ALL THE TIME. I know its the Japanese way to say you are working harder and are more busy than you actually are, but I don’t know seeing the books and the schedules of these kids make me beleive it. A few students get to class 15-20 minutes early, sit down and are INSTANTLY asleep. I’m not talking like “let me rest” but OUT out. Like they need to be woken up. There is so much pressure on the kids to get into a good college. After high school, most kids go to another school just to prepare for the college entrance exams. Then on Saturday, more school. It’s tough. No one seems to have much fun either. I loved high school so I try to convey that high school should be fun, but it’s a tough sell here.

Japanese of the Day….Mimetic Words!! Not quite onamatopoeia….because some of these words don’t even make a noise, but enjoy nonetheless!

iraira: impatientience
sakusaku: crispyness
sarasara: light
zarazara: rough
dokidoki: excited(a fast heartbeat sound)
nukunuku: warmly

Guest Source Ai Otsuka……………..


“this site makes me the OPPOSITE of wakuwaku”


Music of the Day………..Hilary Duff….”Fly” She got less hot as she got older…

   <– Agree?




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