Haru(春) is here!

12 03 2008

Spring, or at least Spring weather is officially here. It’s nice. I’m usually not one of those people that lets the weather decide my mood, like those old ladies that comment everyday like “wow its so niice out today!” and then “It’s so bad out today!.” Like it controls their life or something. That was one of the worst part of working at the bank, was knowing that every 5 fucking seconds I would get reminded about the weather….” Cold out today huh?” ” It’s tooooo hot!” ” I hate the rain! “… I wish somehow I could cut this small talk bullshit out of my life.  <–“chill out man”

Sorry hulk. Anyways back to the point… this weather has been sort of putting me in a good mood. I mean this is the first time for me to be in Japan when it wasn’t cold, so it’s extra nice. And let me tell you the women here have quickly changed their wardrobes and it is NOT a bad thing. One Japanese look I am especialy fond of is when wearing shorts or a skirt, wearing tights that only go up to the thigh. For some reason I fall for this stupid fashion statement hard. The bright colored tights thing I love. And they seem to be totally acceptable to wear at most jobs with a business suit! nice….


Google was thin….but I will try to take my camera out and get some real life proof.


Japanese of the Day…Animal Sounds! They are WAAAY different than English. Elephants and foxes make sounds?

cat - ねこ - 猫 ー nyaao
dog – いぬ - 犬 -wan-wan
mouse - ねずみ - chuu-chuu
horse - うま - 馬 - hi-hiin
cow – うし - 牛 -moo
sheep - ひつじ - 羊 - mee-mee
pig – ぶた - 豚 -buu-buu
chicken - にわとり - kokkokko
duck – かも - gaa-gaa
owl - ふくろう - hoo-hoo
fox -きつね - kon-kon
elephant - ぞう ー 象 - paoon
monkey – さる - kyakkyaa

So next time you hear PAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOONNNN. Watch out, because an elephant is coming.

 <– “Thanks for the peanuts..dicks”


Music of the Day – One of my top 3 bands Kamelot – with the thought provoking chill euro metal track ” The Human Stain”




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12 03 2008

I wish there were more women who dressed like that at my office.

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