My Fan…

11 03 2008

One of my students.. a 16 year old high school student has become officially my fan. After telling her I was once in a band last week, her eyes perked up and her whole demeanor towards me was changed. She was suddenly interested in where I was from, what I liked, and what I thought about things. So today she asked me to sign her books so she could show her friends lol. I have to admit though just that %1 percent look into what being a real rockstar would be like…. damn nothing would feel better. Just caring so much about everything about you just for no reason feels good lol. I know it’s fake, but it’s like a drug to me. That admiration. So I signed her book and her papers acting like I was too cool while inside I was eating it up. I had that same feeling a few times when I was in a band with people coming up to me after our shows, but its been a while. It was nice.


Japanese of the Day…can and cannot…. mo ii and wa ikemasen.. very useful and you hear it often…

Can I kiss?

watashi wa kisu o shite mo ii desu ka?

No, you can’t kiss.

Iie, kisu o shite wa ikemasen.
いいえ、キスを して は いけません

My guest source…


Jiji, the Cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service rules..


Music of the Day…Yuna Ito – ” Urban Mermaid” She just has a lot of good songs… Take
it easy!




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