Recap Time bonus I’m a criminal

10 03 2008

Really cool night. It was a lot of fun. Went out to eat with student which was awesome. Then to a sweet party that she and I both had a really cool time at.

She had a wake up at 6 or so, so we had to leave about 12. Being the nice guy I am, I said I would walk her home. That ended up being the best part of the night. 30 or so minutes of not sure where we are random walking the back streets of Japan. It was another one of those “wow I’m actually here” moments. The perfect mix of that great adventure, first date, drunkeness to be an amazing time. She is really cool. Again I didn’t go for a kiss. Call me lame but I guess I had such a good time I didn’t want to risk a pull away or something which I’m sure wouldnt happen. Could of been a nice exclamation point on the night, but I was a pussy. But it was awesome anyways!

The party was all foreigners… and to be honest I did feel like I got some “oh he brought a japanese person looks” maybe that was just in my head but I felt it. One dude was talking to my student for a while and she was having a good time so I left her alone. I told her to tell me when she wants to go home since she had to work in the morning. I went back to check on her and she said lets go so we left. As we were leaving the dude that she had been talking to whispered “is that your gf?.” Being the bastard I am, I said “not really” when I really should of just said “no”. I do feel bad for this since he was like soo sorry that he was talking to her. I told him its no big deal man but he really was worried and scared. I mean I like seemingly being intimitating, but I really should should of just said she wasn’t my gf becuase she isn’t and I don’t think I want her to be. I’m a dick sometimes. It was a quick desicion and I made the selfish one like I usually do. Persnal Character Flaw #324.

We are defenitly hanging out later in the week though and next weekend there is another party that I would love for her to come to, so we will see what happens!


AFTER the party and walking her home, i decided I wanted to get some curry. So I got on my bike and was on my way. Suddenly a police car rides next to me. At first I wasn’t sure what it was about but they quickly said stop, so I did. They were concerned about my bicycle light. I just said its broken in Japanese, and its the truth. The then asked if I was drunk. I was a little buzzed, but I said earlier yes, now no. They seemed to be satisfied and left me go and said “be careful!” in english. I don’t know why, but I was never scared or nervous. They were really nice and seemed to be totally understanding. Maybe that a little gaijin power and they were scared I couldn’t understand but they were totally cool. Police cars here do look pretty cool as well. Like they are from terminator or something… so anyways that my breaking the law story.


Japanese of the Day.. don’t feel like writing much so how about some interesting kanji(s)??<–not sure if there is an s or not in plural kanji….

木 -ki – tree (1 tree) 林 - hayashi – woods (2 tree)森 – mori - forest (3 trees) easy ne?

car – 車 – kuruma electricity – 電 – den  = Train – 電車 – densha

Guest Source – X-Japan members..Got to love the hair. Even with the mohawks, the are all business. They do make some good music though.

<– “we are a big deal”


Music of the Day…since the USA is now fully gripped by the America Idol drama, here’s a taste of something different. In Finland metal music is like “the” music of choice. So when they have American Idol, they don’t do old pop songs, but mostly classic and new metal songs. It’s really cool. This is one of the best Iron Maiden songs behing sung pretty well by a Finnish Idol contestant…Ari Koivunen -singing Iron Maiden’s  “The Evil That Men Do” Take it easy.




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