Waiting for tonight…

9 03 2008

Party tonite…. so I’m trying to squeeze as much activity as I can out of it so I invited one of my students out to eat and will take her to the party afterwards. We will see how it goes… her english is really good so this one we might actually call a pure date and not a learning experience. She’s cuter than other date girl so we will see people. The party is being run by foreigners so I have a feeling it will be my job to get her as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible.  We will see how it turns out. Full recap tomorrow.

Short post but I don’t forget the Japanese of the Day

Text message I just got has a lot of useful grammer…

わたしは いま から ハワイに いってきます。 かえってきたら また!
私は 今から、 ハワイに 行ってきます。帰ってきたら また!。                                                                    Watashi wa ima kara hawai ittekimasu. kaerimasu mata!

Literally translation…

I now from hawaii leaving! return later!

Actual (or as close to actual as my translations ever are)…

I am leaving for Hawaii now. I will return later!

Simple Sentence but a lot of grammer points that a real teacher would now point out. But I’m in a hurry.

mika smoking<–“your a joke”

Music of the Day….X-Japan – ” Endless Rain” You talk the most insane hair you have ever seen… you talk old X-Japan. Seriously just watch this to see the hair. It must take hours to get it ready. Check it out. Wish me luck tonight.




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