6 03 2008

This same event has happened 3 times now. When getting to my bike after work…I find my badass basket filled with newspaper. My bike is always in different places as well. At first it might of been just a freak accident, but now its obivous I have been targeted. Bastard. I WILL FIND YOU. With my assistant of course. The computer book that his sidekick had was soooo badass. today my trainer came to prepare me for my first child lessons of my career, that will make my Saturday even more busy than it already is. I’m sure it will be tough, but to be honest here I do so little actual work I think I will just suck it up and deal with it. He observed a lesson as well, which is always tough becuase its so hard to be yourself when you know someone is nitpicking everything you are fucking doing. But the I killed it so he was happy, the students were happy, and I was happy. They invited me for a drinking party as well in two weeks! Nice.

EXTENDED Japanese of the Day bitches! I just typed that to ensure I do it. I actually have nothing planned at this point lol.

Two different Turn offs………….Someone or something turned something off… and something just stopping like a broken car or something…

Here’s the catch they are so close it’s insane….

tomeru – とめる - 止める –  turn off by someone

tomaru – とまる ー 止まる – stopped on its own….

I turned off the car. – わたしは くるま を とめました。 – 私は 車を 止めました. Watashi wa kuruma o tomemashita.

The car stopped. – くるまが とまりました。- 車が 止まりました。kuruma ga tomarimashita.

Intransitive and Transitive is a bitch.

Japanese Guest Source of the Day…

 <– You suck.


Comment Nation Speaks…….regarding the baseball post.

Jon( from As I See It) writes..
Where are the pics of the hot girls selling stuff in the stands?

Chaptershi’s response…

You are so right dude. I totally dropped the ball. In my defense, I was attempting to get a good shot but with my Middle Aged Japanese teacher there its a little difficult… But from now on, any event I attend, you can look forward to one hot girl from that same event. Deal?

I apologize for dropping the ball.

buckner It won’t happen again.

 …..are we even?

drivebymedia writes..                                                                                                                                            Mae is an American rock band that formed in Norfolk Virginia[3][4] in 2001. The band’s name is an acronym for Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience.

Chaptershi’s response..

Thanks for the info! I guess mae doesn’t mean (前) after all…..thanks.


Music of the Day….Ayumi Hamasaki – “Heaven” Final Fantasy Tribute Video.. but just listen to the music and chill………..Seeya tommorrow!




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