Japanese Baseball. Epic Post.

3 03 2008

 Just got back from the Softbank Hawks vs. Henshin Tigers. at Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka. It was a lot of fun. Soooo different than American baseball.

Biggest observations;

1. the fans don’t wait to be entertained, the entertain themselves

2. Got a problem with a call? you don’t say shit to the ump

3. The seventh inning strecth ritual dominates. Muuuch better than “take me out to the ball game”

4. Hot girls sell shit in the stands, not old sweaty dudes.

I finally brought my camera somewhere so this post will actually have real pictures!!! Sweet!.

The anthem was basically the same, except taking off your hat doesn’t seem to be necessary…


On to the game. Well actually the game is pretty much the same, but what the fans do is WAY different. Everyone has some sort of noise makers… or horns or some shit to make noise. Clapping is secondary to hitting whatever piece of plastic you bought for 10 bucks that has the team name on it to make noise. Not the best picture in the world but that is the home team cheering section in right field. The away team cheering section was in left field. Each section only cheers when their team is at bat. There are organized cheers not just random claps. People know what the fuck to say and when to say it. It’s like when I went to Catholic Church and didn’t know what the hell to do lol.

Fan Flags 

Another important point is the concessions is much more streamlined. And there are much more of them. Much more. I took a picture attempted to show that at all times, at least 3 people selling shit were around you. And they were mostly hot girls selling shit instead of the usual sweating guys. I tried to take a picture of a few, but alas karma kicked in and I couldn’t get a good pic. They all wear neon colors to make sure you know who they are…

vendors <- 6 vendors in this shot.

On to my favorite part. The seventh inning stretch. Apparently instead of some shit like “god bless america” or “Take me out to the ball game” each team has a song that the fans sing. While they are singing they are all preparing these little balloons. When the song is over…. BAM let them go. It’s a really cool scene. Four balloons cost about 3 bucks. The team must make a killing on this little ritual. I took some sweet before and after pictures of it. Just let them load. Don’t bitch.


balloons ready


Balloons gone

Cool huh? It was a really cool scene. Each team had two American players, which I hear is the limit. The pitching seemed to dominate the game, but it was an entertaining game. People are really into their team. I’m all for that. Having a passion in life makes everything a little easier. I’m not sure I’ve been converted to a Hawks fan, but I’m glad I went. At the end…..FIREWORKS!


Japanese of the Day!! Baseball themed of course! How about some vocabulary people..

Baseball – yakyuu – 野球

Batter – battaa -バッター

Rookie – shinjin -新人 – “new person”

Double Play – Getto-tsuu -ゲットーツウ <—“Get Two”

Homerun – Homuran -ホムラン

Walk – Faabooru -ファーボウル <–“Four Ball”

Foul Ball – Fauru -ファウル

Mostly easy to figure out..  Tt was a good time. Japanese baseball is cool!

Music of the Day… Mae – “Suspension” more emo.. maybe they got thier name from the Japanese(前-mae) which means before or ago… I doubt it… Goodnight!!!




2 responses

5 03 2008

Where are the pics of the hot girls selling stuff in the stands?

6 03 2008

Mae is an American rock band that formed in Norfolk Virginia[3][4] in 2001. The band’s name is an acronym for Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience,

here is a pic from last summer when we saw them open for the fray

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