Moving on up…

1 03 2008

Well I’m approaching the end of start/middle of my third month here and it appears maybe the social life is starting to get in full swing. I actually have plans with people for next weekend, along with the plans I have for this weekend! It’s basically all based on the luck of meeting that guy in the curry house two weeks ago.

My cell phone is more filled than ever before. Mostly with Japanese people. So much so that new manager caught sight of it and said “How is your phone have only japanese?!?!” It’s satisfying to have friends outside of work now. The only downside is sometimes it takes me 15-20 minutes to translate a three line email, but it’s good practice so I enjoy it. When I get home though I have to formulate my message back lol. My current skills don’t allow me to quickly send a message back…..but soon..

On the girls front, that also has become more eventful. Tomorrow I’m going out with last weekend date girl again, and next weekend I’m going to a party with someone new. After that I’m going out with one of my students soon as well. Mostly no English as well. If there is any better incentive to learn a language, I sure as hell don’t know of it.

I want to stress how I am not writing this in a “Damn I’m the man!” sort of way, because believe me that is the case. But I guess I’m writing it for anyone that reads Japan Blogs and is thinking about coming here and it always sounds like everyone has all these friends and all crazy adventures. I think Japan does give you the oppurtunity for that, but sometimes it takes a little time. So don’t give up! Before coming here( or anywhere) everyone creates their own thoughts about what it will be like. Usually things aren’t exactly liked you imagined. But if you take a step back and enjoy it for what it is, and not what you thought it was going to be, you start to realize all of the cool things you didn’t think about and didn’t expect which make being here the true awesomeness that it is.

Whoa deep post….let’s get back to the usual bitching.

So I have a new kids class starting next week. The kids mother said yoroshiku! which is sort of like, nice to meet you in Japanese. I said back nice to meet you in English because, you know, I am going to be their child’s English teacher and I thought it was appropriate. So the new manager goes “You should really learn Japanese” you should really learn japanese…….?  Are you FUCKING getting me? I said what do you think I spend ALL of fucking free time doing? My blood was fucking boiling. It just pissed me off becuase she knows how hard I work at it by myself and how many early mornings I have to go to another city for my lessons before work. UGH. She won’t like me when I’m angry…..

<–“calm down man…”

Sorry Hulk….

Japanese of the Day… “too much” verb and adjective ending -sugiru…

The New manager talks to much.

Atarashii manaja wa hanashisugiru.

あたらしい マナジャは はなしすぎる。

新しい マナジャは 話しすぎる。

Guest Source.. Nami Tamaki.. thoughts?


Music of the Day.. Atreyu – ” Shameful” a little heavier emo music….




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