Languages are Tough

29 02 2008

For my Japanese class I usually write 10-15 sentences about random shit, trying to use different grammar points. I take it to my teachers and she checks. Languages have so many fucking weird shit, that there invariably is always many mistakes. Sometimes of the humourous variety. The date girl has no started to send me emails in English and Japanese becuase she is trying to learn English and I said it would be a good idea. I’m trying to keep the relationship as friendlike as possible….But anyways here is here email. Not so much for comedic purposes, but to show very common mistakes Japanese learners of English make..

It went to drink me with senior yesterday. It worked today. it was said late atetendance, and was wark from 9:30 to 6 ‘oclock. Always though it is up to 4:30 from eight o’cloc…By the way. these sentences were axamined by the interne.

Always using past tense is very common, but the most popular mistake is not using THE before a noun.

For example. I went to THE park. Almost every low level student leaves THE out. This is because Japan doesn’t exactly have a THE.

The most difficult sound is R and L. Hence the joke…HERRO? or various other form of “Engrish”

I used to laugh at these jokes as well, but I guess it’s just not funny to me anymore. I guess I’m getting soft or something. I guess for me I know how fucking hard it is to learn a language, and then get up the confidence to actually use it. I will never bust on someone’s incorrect English again because when I talk, if there is such a thing as “Japanlish,” I speak in it. So I make the same fucking mistakes. Weird how your perception changes what is humourous…ne? Walk a mile in a man shoes…. or something like that.

Ok enough gay shit…Japanese of the Day!!!

Verb endings…. “trying” or “tried”

Tomorrow I will try to go to the strip club.

Ashita, watashi wa sutorippu-goya ni itte mimasu.

あした、わたしは ストリップーごよに いって みます。
明日、私は ストリップー小屋に 行って みます。

Notice the ending… Mimasu… masu form of miru. Not 見る(miru – see, look). But just みる. Try.


Guest source…Maki from High and Mighty Color.. Thoughts?

 <— “your gAAAAy.”

Music of the Day…I’ve been in an emo mood recently…here is one of the best. I mean maybe its not emo, but it’s just awesome. Who cares what genre it is. This song has like perfect feeling of when you are just mad at a situation with a female. I really do not feel that now, but it makes me remember those times when I did. Sweet sweet pain.




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