I look like I’ve been here a while?

27 02 2008

After work, as I approached my bike and noticed another foreigner. I said “What’s Up?” and we talked for approximately 3 seconds. He did manage to get out that I look like I’ve been here a while lol. I don’t know what that means, or if that’s a good thing or not, but it kind of shocked me. Not sure why, but it did.

Last night this awesome doctor student took me and the new manager out to a italian restaurant. He endlessly ordered food for us over and over. It was crazy. He didn’t give a crap about anything. The only thing he wanted to be sure of was that he knew he had to work tomorrow so that’s why he wasn’t drinking more lol. He’s a really cool guy. And he had 8 hour surgery the next day. But he still pounded 4 beers with me. Solid dude. I got a text message during the meal and I opened my phone. The new manager noticed that my last 6-7 messages are all from Japanese girls name’s (coworker, new manager, and date girl) and she thought she had realized the reason I came to Japan. She was like OOOOO so you like Japanese girls????????? That just pissed me off. I didn’t show it but damn that pissed me right the fuck off. Yeah I like Asian women, but ASSUMING that’s the reason I am here. I said anyone that goes to another country to meet girls is stupid. I stand by that comment. I just got pissed remembering the story.

Side note, today I made some students day by saying I would make a CD of my favorite Japanese music, so I’m writing that in here so I don’t forget lol! The blog has turned into a day planner. What a joke.

Japanese of the Day…when you first learn Japanese every book says ka?(か?) means a question. But you learn quickly that there are a million other ways to ask a question in the Japanese language. For example…

Deshou – means like will probably OR don’t you agree? It is looking for confirmation from another person

She is beautiful, I suppose..



kana – I wonder…….

I wonder if she is single?

Ano kanojo wa dokushin kana.


There are more, but I just got a text message that I need to translate from date girl that will take the next 30 minutes of my life. But it’s good practice so I’m not complaining. No guest Japanese teacher today.

Music of the Day….High and Mighty Color – “Over” This is one of those songs, that you wait for the chorus, but it’s still good. Rock Out bitches!




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