The Morning After…

25 02 2008

It’s awesome when your in the grocery store and hear some J-pop song on the loudspeakers. It’s like wow I know this! Usually it’s weird music and random yellings of Irrashaimase!(welcome) so it’s cool when it happens.

Anyways, well last night I went out with the lucky japanese lady I met at the foreigner party in a previous episode. It was a really good time. We met at the grocery store since it seemed to be the easiest method. To be honest, first impression(well first impression when not drunk)… she’s cute but not like cute…if you catch my drift. She’s one of those people that are not sexy, but are cute. But she definitly is a really cool and happy person. I told her to choose where we went, since I have no clue of most of the places in town. She spoke the perfect amount of english which is almost none. I brought my dictionary and the conversation flowed really well. I’m sure I fucked up a lot of grammar but she got the point so that’s all that matters. We ended up at a cool italian place. Once I saw they had pizza, that’s what I wanted lol. Pizzas in Japan are like 30% of those in America so we had to get other dishes. I ended up eating 70% of it though since she stopped after like 5 minutes of eating. Annoying, but I ate it up eagarly. One thing she didn’t have a problem with was drinking. She kicked back around 5-6 beers and did not appear at ALL drunk. I had around 4 myself and was buzzing. After chilling and drinking for around 2-3 hours at this italian place, we went to an arcade at my request because I really wanted to see if they still had my drum game lol. We played around for like another hour and I suggested we end the night at around 11pm since I knew she had work the next day. I knew I could of kissed her, but I really want to keep things at the friends level. For my language and because I don’t want to hurt her. She’s one of those people that have such a like pure heart they should never get hurt. Hopefully I will stick to that rule. Next week she is going to Hawaii, but we promised to see eachother again next month. Long paragraphs are tough to read online so I apologize for all that stuck around for this whole story haha. But it was a success on every level, new friend, the most Japanese I’ve spoken consistently, and really fun.

One surprising thing about girls here is…it seems the most surprising thing is when you agree to hang out with their friends sometime. Her face lit up when I agreed to do it next time. She was like Honto! (really?) Honto? Honto???? I was like Um… yeah I think so…. Sounds like a good enough idea.

Japanese of the Day..this is sort of nerdy but interesting fact that might be interesting to my loyal readers…

In Japan a person that plays Mah-jong poorly and loses money is known as a duck. In Japanese..かも(鴨)(duck). In addition there is a saying in Japan that says “The duck comes along with a leek” referencing that a duck is so stupid it comes with a leek because it doesn’t know it’s about to be cooked. I used to play Pokemon, and by used to I mean I used to, but I still do occasionally. And there is a certain Pokemon that looks like…

Farfetch’d- in Japanese( カモネギ) Kamonegi or DuckLeek in Enlgish..

Looks like a duck holding a leek….. Interesting Ne?

Kanji: 鴨がねぎを背負って来る

Hiragana: かもがねぎをしょってくる

English : The duck comes along with a leek

Guest Source Koda Kumi:

 <– ” that was nerdy as hell”

Music of the Day… Yui (ゆい) – Merry ‘go round. Yui makes solid music. Check it out. Another week begins… later!




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