Well I got a date..

23 02 2008

For the first time in Japan, I have an actual “date” with a female. She speaks so little English that at the very least I should pick up a lot of Japanese at a fast pace or its going to be lame. Text messaging is the correct pace for my japanese. New Word? Just look it up. In real life, it doesn’t work that way, so we will see. Full Report tomorrow night.

Interestingly enough I also got asked for coffee with coworker tonite. Isn’t it crazy when you don’t try for things they just come to you? Last month I would of killed for that, but now that I haven’t been to concerned she asked me lol. Crazy. Good conversation though. I really don’t feel attracted to her like I once did. She seems very high maintenence. Turn off nation. But she is a very cool person that I will always remember as being the first person I met in Japan. She was quite pleased when I brought up that fact lol. I said my goal is to now make sure she remembers me. We will see.

Since we got a new manager we both have been saying how much fun it was to not have a manager, even though at that time we THOUGHT we were living in hell. Isn’t it crazy how our brains won’t let us appreciate the shit we have untill we don’t anymore? I tried my HARDEST in high school to not take it for granted and realize this is probably the easiest I will ever have it in my life, but even then I couldn’t. Looking back, it really was easy street. I’m sure I will look back on this whole Japan as the time of my life as well, but its tough to convince your brain to allow yourself that pleasure. Crazy huh?

Japanese of the day. One good thing about this girl is I have many real japanese examples of language I had no clue of before her using…For the purposes of this post let’s give her a name… I don’t know how about Some Dumb Skank. haha jk jk Yukie. Yu-key-A.

Example texts from her.

Tanoshimeni shitemasu!



I look forward to fun! <—-Literally, “Doing Pleasure” Yeah sounds like it’s hot lol but its not really.

hodo hodo ni ne!


In moderation! (in this case it was about drinking)

Guest Source… From Battle Royale the lovely Eri Ishikawa…

<— “this blog sucks”

Thank you guest source for your incredibly constructive critisicm…

Music of the Day… Cinderella “Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone” I mentioned it earlier so it just makes sense to be here… Appreciate everything you have people!




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