LOooooong Day

21 02 2008

 I’m scheduled to work till 10, but I can go home earlier if I don’t have a class at nine which is about half the time. Today I attempted to leave at 9, but the manager asked me to stay. I could see in her eyes, she REALLY wanted me to stay so I did. Turns out, I didnt leave till 11:15.  After the prospective student left, the manager just lost it and cried. I hugged her and tried to help as much as I could, but I just think the pressure of being a manager finally broke her. My shoulder was wet when she was done. I’m glad I stayed now because she apparently really needs the support.  Just at the time, it really sucked to stay that late.

As I was biking home, being a little upset that I am getting home 2 hours late, I get an email from coworker telling me how helpful I am. Sometimes life throws you a bone to remind you that you are lucky. And I am.

I called party girl today and this time she answered! Since she knows very little english… the phone call was shaky, but I did get to ask for her email, so I sent her the email that was used in a previous Japanese of the Day. I will inform the world of her response, via this blog. I can see how forced conversation really does help in learning a language though, because it just makes your head struggle to find the words. There is no better way to get those pathways burned into your mind than pressure.

Japanese of the Day Time!

One student brought their DS and I got to play Mario vs. Sonic Olympics. Their were a few interesting differences to the American version of the Mario franchise. At least to me. Probably boring to you haha.

#1 Bowser…. is just…………..Koopa(クッパ)??? Weird.  To me, a koopa is…

 #2 Toad… is…….Kinopio(キノピオ)????http://www.gadgetspage.com/toys-games/nintendo-ds-mario-kart.html ..like Pinocchio but not….<–“Who me?”

# Wart … is Mamu(マムー)??  I wonder what the translaters were thinking.. Mamu doesn’t sound menacing enough?

Weird… ne?

Music of the Day….Koji Kondo – ” Mario Theme” Played by Zack Kim on two guitars! Crazy.




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25 02 2008
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25 04 2008


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