Hey Hey Hey

20 02 2008

Hey. Me again. Nothing really of note going on. I called that girl that put her number in my phone during the party, but no answer….and no answering machine… sensing rejection?? I guess I will try tomorrow. I was nervous becuase she doesn’t speak hardly any English, but thats the point so I had to be a big boy and just do it. Turned out to be nothing to worry about, but I will tell you how tomorrow goes.

Today I did my routine where I don’t eat AT ALL during the day, then eat a huge dinner. I know thats like bad for you on many many levels, but it feels good sometimes. Like you get a food high. Back home I would not eat one day.. then the next day get two big macs and just enjoy. You can almost feel your veins get energized or something. I understand how bad that is for you, but I don’t know, its fun sometimes. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I’ve been here, so gaining weight won’t be a big deal. Anyone else do this?  Or some other weird thing?

I recently bought the DS Game..Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten. My two day review…. It’s really helpful. At first getting through the Japanese menus is tough, but once that is done its very useful. When you put in a Kanji it attempts to guess which one you wrote. If it was incorrect, it gives you 9 alternatives. Usually the one you want is in those nine. Stroke order IS IMPORTANT. Sometimes it has a hard time figuring out simple kanji if you do the wrong stroke order. Personally I think that is a good thing, becuase it forces you to learn the correct order, but I understand how some might think that is lame. I still haven’t figured out everything, but so far its well worth the 40 or so bucks I bought it for. I took a picture of all the Kanji in my room that I didn’t know, and just figured it all out. Not sure how much I will remember, but at least now there is nothing in my room I don’t understand. First my room, next THE WORLD.

Japanese of the Day…

Well that email I wrote for the lady… turns out I just had her number not email, so it was all for naught. But still a good learning experience.

I’ve been studying Kanji a lot recently and attempting to write with it more. It is difficult though. With each kanji you have to learn at least three things, 1# Kanji itself. 2# On- reading 3# Kun – reading. 4# Compound Readings…

For examply let’s do an easy one…..  日

On-reading nichi, jitsu
Kun-reading hi, bi, ka
Meanings  sun, day, Japan, Sunday

9 bits of information from 4 strokes. Tons of compounds. That’s a bitch isn’t it?

Today’s esteemed guest source Ichiro, Thoughts?

 <– ” Your struggle is my pleasure.. bitch. I own the five o’clock shadow”

Music of the Day….Primal Fear – “Face the Emptiness” Sometimes no matter what you do, you just got to face shit in life. That’s what this song says, using guitars and drums to enhance the message.

There is no doubt that you are done
The story ends not yet begun
Come on and face the emptiness
There is no way to hide away
You cannot run you have to stay
Stand still and watch
The rain fall down




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