Sweet Party

18 02 2008

Last night party was really a good time. I was very fortunate to meet the guy that invited me. It was 90% foreigners, but it was still good because I met a lot of cool people from this town. No more going to the next city 30 minutes away to party. Also less Sunday nights at home. It was cool to hear everyone stories, reasons for coming, and general thoughts on the country. The kind of people that uproot themselves and go to another country are usually cool people. Got a little confidence about my japanese ability since I was one of the best speakers here. Of course then I talked to someone that had been here for 9 years, and listened to her talk to someone in Japanese and she was like at a native level. I know I know shes been here 9 years, but if you regularly read this blog you know I only focus on what I can’t have!!

I did meet a Japanese girl that was very cool. Not hot persay, but cute. She was very excited to be talking to a foreigner that makes it easier as well. Her english level was perfect, meaning almost none but just enough that I can usually explain a word and she will understand it. She put her number in my phone herself which was nice as well, no work needed lol. I definitly will try to hang out with her again, just for the language exchange if nothing else.

So for my japanese of the day, I will attempt to create a text message saying we should meet this week, here goes nothing.

 First is the draft before sending to my Japanese teacher. The following will be the her corrected version. Let’s see how much it gets changed! I know seems like not much game, but its difficult in a different fucking language.

This is James from the party on saturday. I had a lot of fun! We should meet again sometime. Next weekend we should get something to eat. I work until 10 everyday, what about oyu?  What is the best restaurant in town? Get back to me…

Music of the Day..Glay – ” However” This guys just makes solid overdramatic music… my favorite kind!



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