Party Hard..

17 02 2008

SO eating at my favorite restaurant in Japan, Coco Curry House, I met another foreigner. He was nice enough to ask for my number and said he would let me know about anything thats going on in this town. So today I got an email saying there is a party tonite! Sooo could be cool. I won’t know anyone which is always a little tough in the beggining, but I could meet some cool people so it should be a good time. Full report tomorrow. So far today I have studied a lot, made a huge lunch, and laundry. (<– that sounds like a japanese of the day topic)

Earlier today this sweet japanese game show was on. It was a test of kanji stroke order. I think it was split into families but I’m not sure so maybe the it was Kanji Family Feud. Nothing much happened when they were wrong except for fake smoke blowing into their face. That could possibly choke someone someday I guess. The accuracy rate was probably 50%. You learn stroke in order throughout school here in Japan, but remember we (we native english speakers) learned the write way to write letters as well in Elementary School, but most of us don’t. THe cool thing was it was very everyday kanji like station and mother. But it’s tough to get those stroke orders correct. There is a pattern that runs through the writing of every kanji but of course there are irregularities. Here’s an example of an everyday one they fucked up..station (eki). There are endless ways to write this.. but only ONE truly correct way….

I found this semi-interesting website that quickly stole 30 minutes of my life for no apparent reason. I like cats but still it doesn’t seem like this website should be that interesting. Nonethless, I spent 30 minutes looking and the best pic I could find was..
funny pictures
moar humorous pics

So work is getting a little more…. work like. Which I guess is no reason to bitch, but I do find myself doing more actual work than a month ago. The manager fucking knows nothing.. but I also know nothing. TO solve a problem sometimes I pretend I know how to do something just so she stops worrying. Shes like a dog or something. She needs attention and she gets soooo excited at the smallest coincedences and sooo down at the smallest of problems. My nickname (that I only use with coworker) is Hachiko. Yeah that Hachiko. I know it takes time to get used to a job, but jsut this transitional period is a little difficult. And takes away from my study time which puts me in a bad mood as well. Basically I turned this paragraph into a bitching session lol.crying 

Japanese of the Day…. Let’s go back to an earlier paragraph… I’ll take out “So Far” since I don’t know how to say that in Japanese lol…

So far today I have studied a lot, made a huge lunch, and laundry.



Kyo watashi wa takusan benkyou shite, ooki na ohiru-gohan wo ryouri shite, sentaku shita.

I am 99% percent sure something is wrong in that sentence. I’ll take it to my lesson tommorrow to get my teacher to check it. Damn I’m dedicated to you guys.

Guest Source.. Thoughts??

nami tamaki <–Nami – ” You definitly fucked up somewhere in that sentence… bitch”

Music of the Day…Primal Fear (again) – “Everytime it Rains” This video is funny because the guest vocalist(Simone Simons of Epica) is the total subject of this video because… well…. she’s hot. I’ve met her twice, if by meet you mean been in the front row of her bands concert and high fived her lol. But it was still awesome. Rock Out.

 Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light. Goodnight Simone….




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