Film Review..

15 02 2008

Battle Royale will kick your ass.  In every way. My favorite kind of movies are one that challenge the mind(also tragic love stories), and put you in situations where you question what you would do.. and Battle Royale does exactly that. I won’t say to much, but its basically your high school class thrown on an island..last one alive wins. If more than one live, everyone dies. Some movies like Rambo and Terminator almost dehumanize the people that die in the movie so you don’t feel anything. In this movie there is no dehuminization. You feel when every single person dies. Damn I’m not sure what I would do in that situation. I could never see killing my friends, but faced the them trying to kill me who knows??!? This movie punches you in the face from start to finish in the best way possible. Please watch it and tell me your thoughts.

Japanese of the Day… Katakana Fun!  – English – Katakana – Romaji

Battle Royale – バトル・ロワイアル – Batoru Rowaiaru        A little alike..

Mcdonalds – マクドナルド – Makudonarudo

McWrap – マックラップ – Makkurappu ( McCrap!)

Trailer of the Day…Battle Royale.. Watch it Bitches!

Music of the Day..Primal Fear – ” The Healer” Solid European Metal. Rock out.




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