Training’s Over

13 02 2008

I should of wrote this post yesterday…but I was too tired. But anyways training is now over. Met some cool people. Unfortunately most of us live four hours away so this will most likely be our last meeting, but it was a good one. One girl was really attractive, but of course she lives more than 4 hours away by bus haha. Someone being in a situation where you have 10% of the friends you had back home or makes bonding with people happen so fucking easy. Most people were really cool. Learned some stuff too which is the point I guess.

We went over some grammar points, and I really found myself not caring. Like in my head I know enough English you know? I know that a bad way to think because the students pay good money for me to know English, but for me it was difficult to care. When you study another language 3 hours a day its difficult to study your native language you think you know as well. Bad philosophy I know.

Yesterday night was one of those rare times I’m not worry about learning Japanese and can just enjoy being in Japan. I wish I could do that more but my fucking mind will not allow it. I really need a psychiatrist of something. It always takes a few drinks and fun people around..but then finally and can not worry about not knowing the language and enjoy just being here. I know that might sound stupid becuase it’s all in my own head, but thats just the way it is with me. I’m so fucked up like I try to start an English movie I brought but I can’t finish it becuase I’m not studying or learning by watching an English movie. I have a hard time listening to English music becuase I my head tells me I should be listening to Japanese music. I have to FORCE myself to listen to hockey games and howard stern even though without them I think I would go crazy. It’s really fucked up. I wish I could change it. Sort of.

Japanese of the Day…. I fucked up…. Two VERY common phrases in Japan are….”Let’s Eat” and “I’ll be back”..

Let’s Eat – “itadakimasu” –  いただきます

Seeya – “itte kimasu” – いって きます。

Don’t say the wrong one and the wrong time like me..

Your thoughts guest Japanese advisor?

<—“dumb ass….”

Music of the Day…Nightwish “Ever Dream” Keep dreaming people!




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