What’s Up?

10 02 2008

I sort of have made that English greeting my “thing” at work to students. When I first arrived, I would always use it without thinking. I was always met with confused faces or the response of “Good” or “I’m fine”. While it was funny for a while, I soon started explaining the correct answer. So now the whole school uses it like crazy! It’s really cool to see what I have started. Students walk in and say What’s Up? to  and that’s really cool. It’s cool to have an effect. I guess that’s why I like teaching. Sometimes all the other sales shit, paperwork, and answering phones gets old, but teaching gives you an opportunity to affect people in a positive way, and thats what I love about the job.

Japanese of the Day.. Extended Today Since I’m in a studying mood…..

Some interesting Kanjis will suffice…..

川 – river – kawa or sen 州 – state – shuu or su

For river, it looks like a river. Easy. For state, think of the river as a boundary in between the different lands. For example I am in Kyushu. 九州    kyu=9 shu= state. 9 state maybe?

日本語 – Japanese – Nihongo

語(go) = word, so that part is easy enough…but what about the rest?

日(nichi,jitsu,hi,ka)=can mean a few things….usually day but in this case it means sun

本(hon,moto)= also a few meanings.. most popular is “book” (hon) but it can also mean “origin”

Sun+Origin+Word=Japanese.. Land of the rising sun words?? Make sense? I didn’t think so either.

花 = Flower

化 =change  = grass ….. So Change + Grass = Flower! Easy enough right?

東京 – Tokyo

東 = Eastern – Higashi

京 = Capital – (yeah in my dictionary the word for capital is totally different, ,more research will need to happen to fully explain this-please comment if you can explain better)

Tokyo is the Eastern(Tokyo is the Eastern(東) Capital(京)   Bitches!

Ken Watanabe\
“Gaijin thinks Japanese is difficult, he make me laugh”

Music of the Day….noo ideas really…..Good Song… Yui – “Life” Shes pretty in the “I dont care about how I look” pretty. Understand? lol Enjoy People.




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