Long Week Now Over

9 02 2008

Long Week. Let the weekend begin. We just got a new manager this week, so my whole week was consumed with trying to calm her down from all the work they throw onto managers. It really is a shitty job. 6 days a week, at least 9 hours a day, and they get paid less than me for sitting on my ass half the day, teaching a few classes every once in a while. Same with the Japanese teachers. They get paid only hourly, but do more work than me. I feel guilty sometimes, getting paid what I do for doing so little compared to them. But what can you do. I’m not going to turn down money lol.

Yesterday I had an interview with someone that was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. I can’t explain how it happened, but all of a sudden I realized we had been talking for like 30 minutes when I’m supposed to go in there for only 10. I wish I could explain it better, but I can ‘t. She was a dentist, maybe 30 or so, and we just clicked instantly. Not romantically (perverts! jk jk) but like our mental levels or something. It was really cool. She said at the end, if you are my teacher I will come here. I said THAT I can take care of. But shes busy so she has to have a variable schedule which is difficult, but for her I will do it. She is calling back next week to make sure she can fit the classes into her schedule. I really home she can.

While picking up my usual Saturday night curry, I met a fellow Gaijin!(foreigner) He was a really nice guy. He invited me out for tonight, which I should of accepted, but I had all my groceries and my curry order coming to go. But he asked for my phone email so he said he will email me next time they are going out. He has been here for two years, so if nothing else he can be a good avenue to meeting new people. Cool.

Japanese of the Day…….I didn’t study much this week…No one feels like shit about it more than me beleive me. When I say not that much, I still probably hit an hour a day…but I know I can do more. But this weekend I will make up for it! So as for me little japanese lesson…..

Using multiple adjectives in a sentence!!!!!

Two different categories exist in Japanese.(i) adjectives and (na) adjectives. They both require different ways to use more than one adjective in one sentence. For example;

Her hair is lovely and black.

Kanojo no kami wa kirei de kuroi desu.


Her hair is interesting and delicious.

Kanojo no kami wa omoshirokute oishii desu.


For (i) adjectives…drop the last i and add “kute”. For (na) adjectives drop na and use “de”

Guest Source: Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe

“This is ok….but it doesn’t dominate like me in Memoirs of a Geisha….bitch”

He’s right.

Music of the Day…Student Recommended Glay – “Mermaid” It’s Pretty good.

Bang your head! Or nod in place thats cool too.




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