this should wait for Valentine’s Day but…

6 02 2008

valentines big

Valentine’s Day(Feb 14th in Japan too) is basically the same in Japan except for the glaring difference that the only people that give presents are the ladies and it’s usually chocolate. If you don’t have a love one, don’t worry your lady coworkers are supposed to buy you chocolate anyways…. which is called giri (obligation)-choco (chocolate). Can’t wait to recieve my obligation chocolate lol….Sort of takes the feeling out of it doesn’t it??

Don’t worry ladies your day comes a month later. White day is when the men buy the gifts.

This holiday was started in Japan by the three major chocolate companies. Good Idea. Holidays are all about those dollars lol.

Anyways in a mall I saw this awesome little set up where you write a message on a heart, and put it into the correct corresponding flower pot for your love life situation; In a relationship, Looking for someone special, have someone special in mind, family(mom,dad, sister,brother), Famous person love, and Love Lost. I took a picture of the someone special pot. It had the most flowers as well lol. This message was just cool. Good luck to this person!





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