I am Loved!

2 02 2008

One of coworker’s students got me a present today! It was sooo nice. She remembered from my welcome party that I said my apartment is cold. Sooooo she bought me a Yukata Robe…. which looks sort of like this….

 <— the dude is all business

But it was so nice. Everyone told me it’s a really nice one too so even better!

I haven’t put it one yet though since I had to ride my bike home in probably the worst weather of all time.

 <–“like anyone could even know that…you suck”

It’s sooooo cold and soooooo rainy. It’s like God/Zeus/Science decided not to put the effort into making snow, so they thought insane rain would suffice. My umbrella exploded all over my face twice WHILE on my bike. The insane down-up-sideways pour of rain pretty much made the umbrella useless anyways. Sooo my robe got crazy wet. Good thing I have a drye…..oops.

Tomorrow is a party for the company which should be a cool all-night sort of night. We will see what happens. Maybe meet some cool people. Maybe interact with coworker. Maybe be a complete bust. But I will do my best to make sure I have a good time. Bottom Line.

Japanese of the Day: Let’s use yukata since its already in this article and I’m lazy.

The wet robe is on the hanger…..bitch.

nureta yukata wa hanga ni aru……….ama.


Guest Source…

Mr. Miyagi   <—“We make sacred pact. I promise teach Japanese to you, you promise learn. I say, you do, no questions.”

Music of the Day…..ANNA – “Rose” Rock the fuck out. Party Update Tommorrow. Get Excited!




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