Languages are Tough

29 02 2008

For my Japanese class I usually write 10-15 sentences about random shit, trying to use different grammar points. I take it to my teachers and she checks. Languages have so many fucking weird shit, that there invariably is always many mistakes. Sometimes of the humourous variety. The date girl has no started to send me emails in English and Japanese becuase she is trying to learn English and I said it would be a good idea. I’m trying to keep the relationship as friendlike as possible….But anyways here is here email. Not so much for comedic purposes, but to show very common mistakes Japanese learners of English make..

It went to drink me with senior yesterday. It worked today. it was said late atetendance, and was wark from 9:30 to 6 ‘oclock. Always though it is up to 4:30 from eight o’cloc…By the way. these sentences were axamined by the interne.

Always using past tense is very common, but the most popular mistake is not using THE before a noun.

For example. I went to THE park. Almost every low level student leaves THE out. This is because Japan doesn’t exactly have a THE.

The most difficult sound is R and L. Hence the joke…HERRO? or various other form of “Engrish”

I used to laugh at these jokes as well, but I guess it’s just not funny to me anymore. I guess I’m getting soft or something. I guess for me I know how fucking hard it is to learn a language, and then get up the confidence to actually use it. I will never bust on someone’s incorrect English again because when I talk, if there is such a thing as “Japanlish,” I speak in it. So I make the same fucking mistakes. Weird how your perception changes what is humourous…ne? Walk a mile in a man shoes…. or something like that.

Ok enough gay shit…Japanese of the Day!!!

Verb endings…. “trying” or “tried”

Tomorrow I will try to go to the strip club.

Ashita, watashi wa sutorippu-goya ni itte mimasu.

あした、わたしは ストリップーごよに いって みます。
明日、私は ストリップー小屋に 行って みます。

Notice the ending… Mimasu… masu form of miru. Not 見る(miru – see, look). But just みる. Try.


Guest source…Maki from High and Mighty Color.. Thoughts?

 <— “your gAAAAy.”

Music of the Day…I’ve been in an emo mood recently…here is one of the best. I mean maybe its not emo, but it’s just awesome. Who cares what genre it is. This song has like perfect feeling of when you are just mad at a situation with a female. I really do not feel that now, but it makes me remember those times when I did. Sweet sweet pain.


I look like I’ve been here a while?

27 02 2008

After work, as I approached my bike and noticed another foreigner. I said “What’s Up?” and we talked for approximately 3 seconds. He did manage to get out that I look like I’ve been here a while lol. I don’t know what that means, or if that’s a good thing or not, but it kind of shocked me. Not sure why, but it did.

Last night this awesome doctor student took me and the new manager out to a italian restaurant. He endlessly ordered food for us over and over. It was crazy. He didn’t give a crap about anything. The only thing he wanted to be sure of was that he knew he had to work tomorrow so that’s why he wasn’t drinking more lol. He’s a really cool guy. And he had 8 hour surgery the next day. But he still pounded 4 beers with me. Solid dude. I got a text message during the meal and I opened my phone. The new manager noticed that my last 6-7 messages are all from Japanese girls name’s (coworker, new manager, and date girl) and she thought she had realized the reason I came to Japan. She was like OOOOO so you like Japanese girls????????? That just pissed me off. I didn’t show it but damn that pissed me right the fuck off. Yeah I like Asian women, but ASSUMING that’s the reason I am here. I said anyone that goes to another country to meet girls is stupid. I stand by that comment. I just got pissed remembering the story.

Side note, today I made some students day by saying I would make a CD of my favorite Japanese music, so I’m writing that in here so I don’t forget lol! The blog has turned into a day planner. What a joke.

Japanese of the Day…when you first learn Japanese every book says ka?(か?) means a question. But you learn quickly that there are a million other ways to ask a question in the Japanese language. For example…

Deshou – means like will probably OR don’t you agree? It is looking for confirmation from another person

She is beautiful, I suppose..



kana – I wonder…….

I wonder if she is single?

Ano kanojo wa dokushin kana.


There are more, but I just got a text message that I need to translate from date girl that will take the next 30 minutes of my life. But it’s good practice so I’m not complaining. No guest Japanese teacher today.

Music of the Day….High and Mighty Color – “Over” This is one of those songs, that you wait for the chorus, but it’s still good. Rock Out bitches!

The Morning After…

25 02 2008

It’s awesome when your in the grocery store and hear some J-pop song on the loudspeakers. It’s like wow I know this! Usually it’s weird music and random yellings of Irrashaimase!(welcome) so it’s cool when it happens.

Anyways, well last night I went out with the lucky japanese lady I met at the foreigner party in a previous episode. It was a really good time. We met at the grocery store since it seemed to be the easiest method. To be honest, first impression(well first impression when not drunk)… she’s cute but not like cute…if you catch my drift. She’s one of those people that are not sexy, but are cute. But she definitly is a really cool and happy person. I told her to choose where we went, since I have no clue of most of the places in town. She spoke the perfect amount of english which is almost none. I brought my dictionary and the conversation flowed really well. I’m sure I fucked up a lot of grammar but she got the point so that’s all that matters. We ended up at a cool italian place. Once I saw they had pizza, that’s what I wanted lol. Pizzas in Japan are like 30% of those in America so we had to get other dishes. I ended up eating 70% of it though since she stopped after like 5 minutes of eating. Annoying, but I ate it up eagarly. One thing she didn’t have a problem with was drinking. She kicked back around 5-6 beers and did not appear at ALL drunk. I had around 4 myself and was buzzing. After chilling and drinking for around 2-3 hours at this italian place, we went to an arcade at my request because I really wanted to see if they still had my drum game lol. We played around for like another hour and I suggested we end the night at around 11pm since I knew she had work the next day. I knew I could of kissed her, but I really want to keep things at the friends level. For my language and because I don’t want to hurt her. She’s one of those people that have such a like pure heart they should never get hurt. Hopefully I will stick to that rule. Next week she is going to Hawaii, but we promised to see eachother again next month. Long paragraphs are tough to read online so I apologize for all that stuck around for this whole story haha. But it was a success on every level, new friend, the most Japanese I’ve spoken consistently, and really fun.

One surprising thing about girls here is…it seems the most surprising thing is when you agree to hang out with their friends sometime. Her face lit up when I agreed to do it next time. She was like Honto! (really?) Honto? Honto???? I was like Um… yeah I think so…. Sounds like a good enough idea.

Japanese of the Day..this is sort of nerdy but interesting fact that might be interesting to my loyal readers…

In Japan a person that plays Mah-jong poorly and loses money is known as a duck. In Japanese..かも(鴨)(duck). In addition there is a saying in Japan that says “The duck comes along with a leek” referencing that a duck is so stupid it comes with a leek because it doesn’t know it’s about to be cooked. I used to play Pokemon, and by used to I mean I used to, but I still do occasionally. And there is a certain Pokemon that looks like…

Farfetch’d- in Japanese( カモネギ) Kamonegi or DuckLeek in Enlgish..

Looks like a duck holding a leek….. Interesting Ne?

Kanji: 鴨がねぎを背負って来る

Hiragana: かもがねぎをしょってくる

English : The duck comes along with a leek

Guest Source Koda Kumi:

 <– ” that was nerdy as hell”

Music of the Day… Yui (ゆい) – Merry ‘go round. Yui makes solid music. Check it out. Another week begins… later!

Well I got a date..

23 02 2008

For the first time in Japan, I have an actual “date” with a female. She speaks so little English that at the very least I should pick up a lot of Japanese at a fast pace or its going to be lame. Text messaging is the correct pace for my japanese. New Word? Just look it up. In real life, it doesn’t work that way, so we will see. Full Report tomorrow night.

Interestingly enough I also got asked for coffee with coworker tonite. Isn’t it crazy when you don’t try for things they just come to you? Last month I would of killed for that, but now that I haven’t been to concerned she asked me lol. Crazy. Good conversation though. I really don’t feel attracted to her like I once did. She seems very high maintenence. Turn off nation. But she is a very cool person that I will always remember as being the first person I met in Japan. She was quite pleased when I brought up that fact lol. I said my goal is to now make sure she remembers me. We will see.

Since we got a new manager we both have been saying how much fun it was to not have a manager, even though at that time we THOUGHT we were living in hell. Isn’t it crazy how our brains won’t let us appreciate the shit we have untill we don’t anymore? I tried my HARDEST in high school to not take it for granted and realize this is probably the easiest I will ever have it in my life, but even then I couldn’t. Looking back, it really was easy street. I’m sure I will look back on this whole Japan as the time of my life as well, but its tough to convince your brain to allow yourself that pleasure. Crazy huh?

Japanese of the day. One good thing about this girl is I have many real japanese examples of language I had no clue of before her using…For the purposes of this post let’s give her a name… I don’t know how about Some Dumb Skank. haha jk jk Yukie. Yu-key-A.

Example texts from her.

Tanoshimeni shitemasu!



I look forward to fun! <—-Literally, “Doing Pleasure” Yeah sounds like it’s hot lol but its not really.

hodo hodo ni ne!


In moderation! (in this case it was about drinking)

Guest Source… From Battle Royale the lovely Eri Ishikawa…

<— “this blog sucks”

Thank you guest source for your incredibly constructive critisicm…

Music of the Day… Cinderella “Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone” I mentioned it earlier so it just makes sense to be here… Appreciate everything you have people!

LOooooong Day

21 02 2008

 I’m scheduled to work till 10, but I can go home earlier if I don’t have a class at nine which is about half the time. Today I attempted to leave at 9, but the manager asked me to stay. I could see in her eyes, she REALLY wanted me to stay so I did. Turns out, I didnt leave till 11:15.  After the prospective student left, the manager just lost it and cried. I hugged her and tried to help as much as I could, but I just think the pressure of being a manager finally broke her. My shoulder was wet when she was done. I’m glad I stayed now because she apparently really needs the support.  Just at the time, it really sucked to stay that late.

As I was biking home, being a little upset that I am getting home 2 hours late, I get an email from coworker telling me how helpful I am. Sometimes life throws you a bone to remind you that you are lucky. And I am.

I called party girl today and this time she answered! Since she knows very little english… the phone call was shaky, but I did get to ask for her email, so I sent her the email that was used in a previous Japanese of the Day. I will inform the world of her response, via this blog. I can see how forced conversation really does help in learning a language though, because it just makes your head struggle to find the words. There is no better way to get those pathways burned into your mind than pressure.

Japanese of the Day Time!

One student brought their DS and I got to play Mario vs. Sonic Olympics. Their were a few interesting differences to the American version of the Mario franchise. At least to me. Probably boring to you haha.

#1 Bowser…. is just…………..Koopa(クッパ)??? Weird.  To me, a koopa is…

 #2 Toad… is…….Kinopio(キノピオ)???? Pinocchio but not….<–“Who me?”

# Wart … is Mamu(マムー)??  I wonder what the translaters were thinking.. Mamu doesn’t sound menacing enough?

Weird… ne?

Music of the Day….Koji Kondo – ” Mario Theme” Played by Zack Kim on two guitars! Crazy.

Hey Hey Hey

20 02 2008

Hey. Me again. Nothing really of note going on. I called that girl that put her number in my phone during the party, but no answer….and no answering machine… sensing rejection?? I guess I will try tomorrow. I was nervous becuase she doesn’t speak hardly any English, but thats the point so I had to be a big boy and just do it. Turned out to be nothing to worry about, but I will tell you how tomorrow goes.

Today I did my routine where I don’t eat AT ALL during the day, then eat a huge dinner. I know thats like bad for you on many many levels, but it feels good sometimes. Like you get a food high. Back home I would not eat one day.. then the next day get two big macs and just enjoy. You can almost feel your veins get energized or something. I understand how bad that is for you, but I don’t know, its fun sometimes. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I’ve been here, so gaining weight won’t be a big deal. Anyone else do this?  Or some other weird thing?

I recently bought the DS Game..Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten. My two day review…. It’s really helpful. At first getting through the Japanese menus is tough, but once that is done its very useful. When you put in a Kanji it attempts to guess which one you wrote. If it was incorrect, it gives you 9 alternatives. Usually the one you want is in those nine. Stroke order IS IMPORTANT. Sometimes it has a hard time figuring out simple kanji if you do the wrong stroke order. Personally I think that is a good thing, becuase it forces you to learn the correct order, but I understand how some might think that is lame. I still haven’t figured out everything, but so far its well worth the 40 or so bucks I bought it for. I took a picture of all the Kanji in my room that I didn’t know, and just figured it all out. Not sure how much I will remember, but at least now there is nothing in my room I don’t understand. First my room, next THE WORLD.

Japanese of the Day…

Well that email I wrote for the lady… turns out I just had her number not email, so it was all for naught. But still a good learning experience.

I’ve been studying Kanji a lot recently and attempting to write with it more. It is difficult though. With each kanji you have to learn at least three things, 1# Kanji itself. 2# On- reading 3# Kun – reading. 4# Compound Readings…

For examply let’s do an easy one…..  日

On-reading nichi, jitsu
Kun-reading hi, bi, ka
Meanings  sun, day, Japan, Sunday

9 bits of information from 4 strokes. Tons of compounds. That’s a bitch isn’t it?

Today’s esteemed guest source Ichiro, Thoughts?

 <– ” Your struggle is my pleasure.. bitch. I own the five o’clock shadow”

Music of the Day….Primal Fear – “Face the Emptiness” Sometimes no matter what you do, you just got to face shit in life. That’s what this song says, using guitars and drums to enhance the message.

There is no doubt that you are done
The story ends not yet begun
Come on and face the emptiness
There is no way to hide away
You cannot run you have to stay
Stand still and watch
The rain fall down

Sweet Party

18 02 2008

Last night party was really a good time. I was very fortunate to meet the guy that invited me. It was 90% foreigners, but it was still good because I met a lot of cool people from this town. No more going to the next city 30 minutes away to party. Also less Sunday nights at home. It was cool to hear everyone stories, reasons for coming, and general thoughts on the country. The kind of people that uproot themselves and go to another country are usually cool people. Got a little confidence about my japanese ability since I was one of the best speakers here. Of course then I talked to someone that had been here for 9 years, and listened to her talk to someone in Japanese and she was like at a native level. I know I know shes been here 9 years, but if you regularly read this blog you know I only focus on what I can’t have!!

I did meet a Japanese girl that was very cool. Not hot persay, but cute. She was very excited to be talking to a foreigner that makes it easier as well. Her english level was perfect, meaning almost none but just enough that I can usually explain a word and she will understand it. She put her number in my phone herself which was nice as well, no work needed lol. I definitly will try to hang out with her again, just for the language exchange if nothing else.

So for my japanese of the day, I will attempt to create a text message saying we should meet this week, here goes nothing.

 First is the draft before sending to my Japanese teacher. The following will be the her corrected version. Let’s see how much it gets changed! I know seems like not much game, but its difficult in a different fucking language.

This is James from the party on saturday. I had a lot of fun! We should meet again sometime. Next weekend we should get something to eat. I work until 10 everyday, what about oyu?  What is the best restaurant in town? Get back to me…

Music of the Day..Glay – ” However” This guys just makes solid overdramatic music… my favorite kind!