Morning Ramblings on Lazy Day

30 01 2008

Today is no work till 7 but must be there by 1 day. It’s not a bad deal though. Plan my classes for the whole week, study Japanese, eat some curry, chill out.

Random Japanese observation… I’m not sure this is a countrywide phenomenon, but I have seen this happen on three different occassions. At our school, most times there is only two or three of us at a time in the school. So if the three of us need to go somewhere, we just leave. No locking up, No sign no nothing. I thought this was strange at the time, but I have so far seen three places of business to the same thing. No locking up, just leaving for a while. This would never happen in America. I felt nervous but since all the Japanese poeple don’t seem to care, I don’t think about it either.

Japanese of the Day…Little note writing help… When attempting to leave a  note in Japanese.. the ending, like most structures in japanese, is backwards. For Example;

あなたは きれい です。ジエームスより
anata wa kirei desu. Jeemusu yori.

You are beautiful. From, James

 <—Not buying the line……Best Part of Kill Bill Hands Down

 Music of the Day….eh… Video of the Day.. Posting that picture made me want to see that part again….from Kill Bill…Chiaki Kuriyama :”hehehehehhehehehheeh you call that begging?”




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26 05 2009

chiaki is the model for Uniqlo’s bra-tops this summer season

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