Alcoholism is also International

28 01 2008

On the way to my Japanese lesson today, I was stuck in a very packed train. Next to me was a middle aged man with a water bottle. Upon closer inspection, it’s contents were more of a darker rumish color than water-like. He took a swig and the smell of rum filled the air. We caught eyes, I smirked and he offered the bottle to me. I declined, laughing. Alcoholism is International.

Japanese of the Day…Something that confused me…Episode 3 million

Mt. Fuji. Mr. Fuji. Very different correct? One is a mountain and one is a person. BUT in Japanese the suffix -san(山) is used for Mr.(san) AND mountain(yama). So in written form…

Mt. Fuji

富士山 (ふじさん)

Mr. Fuji

 富士さん (ふじさん)

The difference lies in the written kanji alone…..such a mystery….

Music of the Day….Nami Tamaki -“Get Wild” Get Wild people.




One response

29 01 2008
Adam Simeonidis

Hey man its adam off, got a new blog, hahah you gotta love world alcoholism, it’s how we’re all related……

Keep it up dude..

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