Perversion is International

27 01 2008

While shopping at D.Q.’s, no not the ice cream, I was in the electronics section contemplating replacing my broken DS. Well the electronic’s section is right next to the porn section. I turned and my eyes were met by a 12 year old boy deeply engrossed in a magazine he shouldn’t be reading. I gave him a smirk, and he smiled back. Perversion is International. I’m not saying its a bad thing. Quoting my linqual correspondant, Dr. Noah Webster:

“Perverse (adj.) : Directed away from what is right or good….learn how to spell dick, you suck”

Society says porn is not right to look at at that age, but then why is that such an interesting topic at when your 12???

Japanese of the Day… I really don’t feel like doing a lot of research tonite so I’ll make it simple.

Counting in Hundreds

hyaku – 1oo – 百 – ひゃく

nihyaku – 200 – にひゃく

sanbyaku – 300 – さんびゃく

yonhyaku – 400 – よひゃく

gohyaku – 500 – ごひゃく

roppyaku – 600 – ろっぴゃく

nanahyaku – 700 – ななひゃく

happyaku – 800 – はっぴゃく

kyuuhyaku – 900 – きゅうひゃく

sen – 1000 – – せん

Notice the annoying irregularities in bold.

Music of the day.. New Find.. High and Mighty Color – “Pride”
Rock It.




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