It was a good night

27 01 2008

It was a very cool night last night. We went to an izakaya near my school. It was a pretty small place, so our party quickly became the loudest one in the whole place. But it was great to be the center of attention for 5 or 6 hours. It’s sort of weird that the only reason I am soo popular is because I’m a foreigner, but it still makes you feel good. Mini-Mini-Celebrity. The people were  fighting over who could sit next to me. I didn’t pay for anything and my glass was never empty.

The funniest moment was DEFINITY when a 50 year old woman said I AM SLUTTY! It happened because someone we started talking about bad words in English and Japanese. One of my students called another person at the dinner “yorui” which means loose. So they asked me what that would be in English…I thought about it, and Slutty seemed to be the best translation. So quickly the whole table was saying slutty. So that lady asks me from across the table..”I am slutty… is that correct?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Coolest moment was when the whole table proclaimed I was nicer and more fun than the previous teacher. My ego was glad to hear this.

Most of the people didn’t know eachother but somehow EVERYONE just started mingling well. I know alcohol is a great social lubricant, but I’ve never seen in America such a diverse age group interact so well. Even the shyest of person would ask questions to everyone and really attempt to be included instead of just sitting and waiting for people to talk to them.

Another point, housewives can drink! The two thrity something housewives easily drank double what I drank. They were a lot of fun too. Always doing all the crazy ideas I gave them like going to a random table and saying What’s up! The people would always look so confused and our whole table would lose it. Who knew the best joke would be asking someone whats up.

I was planning to proclaim to my crush coworker that I’m interested in her at sometime during the night. Like outside of work. When no other people are there. The night was going so well, I forgot that she had to catch last train. So on that front, it was a bust. But it’s not like I don’t see her everyday. So that quest is on hold….to be continued.

Japanese of the Day….Drunk and Slutty. Two great adjectives you need to know for those nights chasing the ladies.

Kanojo wa yurukute yopparai desu. She is slutty and drunk. ( Literally she is loose and drunk)


I think thats right… I spend 30 minutes attempting to confirm that is the adjective from of drunk. So call that a 75% chances thats correct.

Music of the Day..On the way to the bar, I heard the sweetest sound… Iron Maiden ” Number of the Beast blasting from the music store. I threw up the horns, \m/ and the worker inside gave them back. Metal is International People. Rock the fuck out.




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