Uno Dominates

25 01 2008

I played Uno with some children today in the lobby. It was a solid time. I’m past learning about the colors in Japanese, but its still nice to get a little review from 10 year olds. It’s sort of weird too they never get discouraged when you can’t answer a question becuase you don’t understand them. They would ask 5 questions in a row in Japanese, all of which I might catch just a few words, I would say Wakarimasen( I don’t understand) but they would still ask more questions. It was cool. No matter the country you are in, beating your elder is always an event to get pumped about so I let them win. Thier excitement was worth it.

Tomorrow is party day…about 20 students are coming out to an Izakaya with coworker and me. Should be a solid time. Since I of course like to create more drama than needed to events, I think I might inform coworker I’m interested in seeing her outside of work…like alone. But I won’t say it like that. A full report will follow tomorrow. The company rule is you are the last one to puke. I plan on 21 people puking then.

Random Fact… Back in the States I used to watch this show on AZN television called Yama Onna Kabe Onna… it was a pretty funny show. It is based on a Yama Onna (Mountain Woman) and Kabe Onna (Wall Woman). You figure out what the metaphor is based on. But I actually saw it here in Japan today. It was cool. Check out the theme song. The first 15 seconds are worth it I promise. I love one of the actors, Ito Misaki. I’ve only seen her in 2 things but she always dominates. And she does so with a kabe chest, so that’s even more impressive. Sweet

Japanese of the day…. Today I had a 4 sentence conversation in Japanese, which was cool. She said somethings I understood, somethings I didn’t but we had a solid convo. I asked a few simple questions…..

Anata no shigoto wa doko desu ka? Where do you work? (actual translation: your work, where is it?)あなたのしごとわどこですか

Kyo wa shimashita ka? What did you do today? きょうはしましたか?

 kyuka wa itsu desu ka? When is your day off? きゅうかはいつですか

Errors are a free bonus.

Music of the Day…From the game Chrono Trigger “Wind Scene” Instrumental but its awesome people. Let’s just chill out….




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